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/*                                                                            */
/* Copyright (c) 2001-2010 CN-Software Ltd. All Rights Reserved.              */
/* This file may not be redistributed in whole or significant part.           */
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/* ---------------------- CNSTATS IS NOT FREE SOFTWARE -----------------------*/
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/* http://www.cn-software.com/cnstats/                                        */
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$LANG["installer"]="%s installer";
$LANG["decoder not installer"]="%s has not been installed";

$LANG["incorrect login"]="Incorrect login name";
$LANG["incorrect password"]="Incorrect password";
$LANG["login"]="Login name";
$LANG["check new version"]="Check for a new version";

$LANG["wrong table"]="The table %s is not a %s version table.";
$LANG["mysql host not set"]="MySql host has not been set";
$LANG["mysql host database not set"]="The database name has not been set";
$LANG["administrators password not set"]="The administrator's password has not been set";
$LANG["diferent passwords"]="Two copies of the administrator's password do not match";
$LANG["wrong prefix"]="Incorrect prefix for tables in the database. A prefix may contain only latin letters, figures and &quot;_&quot; symbol.";
$LANG["cant connect"]="Can not connect to the database. (MySql message:";
$LANG["Building configuration"]="Building configuration";
$LANG["database not found"]="The database <B>%s</B> has not been found.";
$LANG["database found"]="The database <B>%s</B> has been found.";
$LANG["already updated"]="It seems that the database is equal to the version ";
$LANG["updating warning"]="The database is being updated. It may take some time. Mind, that you should not stop page loading or press &quot;Back&quot; button. These actions may cause damage to the database integrity.";
$LANG["updating table"]="Updating the table ";
$LANG["creating table"]="Creating a table ";
$LANG["droping table"]="Deleting the table ";
$LANG["inserting data"]="Inserting default data";
$LANG["completed successfully"]="The database has been updated successfully.";

$LANG["instructions"]="Follow the instructions, described below and then <B>delete</B> <code>./install/</code> directory from <code>/cnstats/</code> directory after the installation is over.";

$LANG["create config.php"]="Create <code>config.php</code> file in the directory <code>/cnstats/</code> and insert the following code into it:";
$LANG["to start"]="To start calculating visits to your web-site, you should set counter code into every web-page of your site. The counter code is available in the section <B>&quot;Configuration -> Get Counter Code&quot;</B>";
$LANG["enter data"]="Enter data";
$LANG["mistakes"]="The following mistakes have occured while filling in the form";
$LANG["manual link"]="<a target=\"_blank\" href=\"http://www.cn-software.com/en/docs/cnstats/current/HTML/inst_full.htm\">Installation manual</a>";

$LANG["mysql"]="MySql connection parameters";
$LANG["mysql_server"]="MySql server (for example, &quot;localhost&quot;)";
$LANG["mysql_login"]="MySql connection login name";
$LANG["mysql_password"]="MySql connection password";
$LANG["mysql_database"]="Database name";
$LANG["mysql_prefix"]="Prefix for CNStats tables";
$LANG["reg"]="Registration information";
$LANG["reg_hint"]="Here you should indicate the domain, for which register key has been given to you (or will be given). Later you can change this value in config.php file. In case any questions arise, please, refer to <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"http://www.cn-software.com/en/docs/cnstats/current/HTML/\">frequently asked questions</a> or <a href=\"http://www.cn-software.com/en/contacts/\" target=\"_blank\">contact us</a>";
$LANG["reg_domain"]="Registration domain";
$LANG["admdata"]="Access data";
$LANG["admdata_login"]="Login name";
$LANG["admdata_email"]="The administrator's e-mail";
$LANG["admdata_confirmpassword"]="Confirm the password";
$LANG["statistics"]="Statistics saving";
$LANG["statistics save"]="Save statistics for the period of";
$LANG["counter type"]="Type of the counter";
$LANG["counter 3"]="Combined (Built-in PHP code + invisible GIF 1x1)(<B>recommended</B>)";
$LANG["counter 2"]="PHP-Include (built-in PHP code)";
$LANG["counter 0"]="Trasparent GIF 1x1 pixel";
$LANG["require gd"]="GD library is required (see ";

/* 2.13 */
$LANG["configphp found cant connect"]="The system failed to connect to MySql server. Please, check the connection data at config.php file";
$LANG["updater not found"]="It is impossible to update the version %s. The version, installed at your computer, is unknown. To solve the problem, please, contact the support service.";
$LANG["redirecting to update"]="Redirection to a page, containing the previous version updates.";
$LANG["updaing from to"]="Updating the version %s up to the version %s";
$LANG["update"]="Update &gt;";

$LANG["Context Help"]="Help";
$LANG["counter code"]="Counter code";

$LANG["sucessfully updating"]="The updating has been performed succesfully";
$LANG["next"]="Next &gt;";
$LANG["deleting table"]="Deleting the table";
$LANG["moving data"]="Moving data";

/* 4.0 */
$LANG["installation interrupted"]="CNStats STD/PRO installation has been interrupted.";
$LANG["installing error"]="MySql request failed to execute. CNStats STD/PRO installation has been interrupted.";
$LANG["send data"]="The information below will help technical support team to define the error cause and fix it.";
$LANG["renaming table"]="Renaming table";
$LANG["file not found"]="File not found";
$LANG["data transfer finished"]="All data has been transferred successfully";
$LANG["data transfer"]="Data is being transferred at the moment, please wait...";
$LANG["system requirements"]="System requirements";
$LANG["php version"]="PHP version";
$LANG["requirements found"]="Found";
$LANG["system requirements error"]="The detected software does not meet the system requirements. The installation will be aborted.";
$LANG["any version"]="any version";
$LANG["module found"]="found";
$LANG["module not found"]="not found";
$LANG["mysql_module"]="PHP module for connection to MySql";
$LANG["mysql not found"]="The module for work with MySql was not found. At least one module should be installed: mysql or mysqli.";
$LANG["CNStats version"]="Previous CNStats version";
$LANG["sqlinstructions error"]="Error while executing user request in config.php configuration file (\$STATS_CONF[\"sqlinstructions\"] option). Open config.php file and check these requests correctness.";
$LANG["mysql server module not set"]="The module for establishing connection to MySQL (mysql or mysqli) was not set up";

$LANG["timezone"]="Time zone";
$LANG["default"]="Use server configuration";
$LANG["enable_idna"]="The counter code will be placed on the domains with the national spelling, eg ";
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