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Changelog for Superfish - a jQuery menu plugin

v1.2.1:  	altered 2nd July 07. added hide() before animate to make work for jQuery 1.1.3.

v1.2.2:  	altered 2nd August 07. changed over function .find('ul') to .find('>ul') for smoother animations
			Also deleted the iframe removal lines - not necessary it turns out

v1.2.3:		altered jquery broke keyboard access - had to change quite a few things and set display:none on the
			.superfish rule in CSS instead of top:-999em

v1.3: 		Pretty much a complete overhaul to make all original features work in and above.
			.superfish rule reverted back to top:-999em (which is better).

v1.3.1:		altered 'li[ul]' to $('li:has(ul)') to work with jQuery 1.2

v1.3.2: 	added onshow callback option as requested - 'this' keyword refers to revealed ul.
			fixed bug whereby multiple menus on a page shared options. Now each menu can have separate options.
			fixed IE6 and IE7 bug whereby under certain circumstances => 3rd tier menus appear instantly with text missing when revisited

v1.3.3: 	altered event attachment selectors for performance increase on menu setup.

v1.3.4: 	fixed pathClass bug as current path was not being restored. Still doesn't if using keyboard nav (will work on that).

v1.4: 		store options objects in array $.superfish.o. Also provide public access to $.superfish.defaults
			provided backward compat for jQuery versions less than 1.2 via oldJquery option - will use li[ul] or li:has(ul) as needed
			added more callbacks, also added option to disable hoverIntent usage if that plugin is detected

v1.4.1: 	fixed current path not being restored when using keyboard to tab away from the menu completely
			optimised code further - now less code
			removed addself() in favour of backward compatible add(this)
			also remove new mouseenter/mouseleave events on window.unload (due to paranoia)

v1.4.2:		3rd July 2008. added semi-colon at start of superfish.js file to avert script concatenation errors
			added pathLevels option to limit the depth of submenus that get restored by pathClass
			CSS of main example hugely simplified - other example CSS files less-so.
				- top level menu items are not fixed width
				- only need to set submenu widths in one place.
				- various other improvements.
				- class names used in all CSS files are changed to be less generic
			released optional Supersubs plugin which dynamically adjusts submenu widths
			attach everything to jQuery.fn.superfish to clean up jQuery namespace
			removed the multi-tier-all-horizontal-example as it was never a great idea and doesn't seem to be in use
			Update documentation text and remove certain caveats which were there to support users of much older versions of Superfish
			Documentation now show how to apply bgIgrame 2.1 - it's much easier than before
			Add all links and their focus and blur events to the onunload unbind - paranoid about memory leaks

v1.4.3		5th July 2008. documentation completely redone using Mike Alsup's templates.
			CSS revised so that all types of menu use superfish.css as a base. Include additional CSS files to acheive alternate styles.
			class="sf-menu sf-vertical" creates vertical menu, class="sf-menu sf-navbar" creates nav-bar style menu

v1.4.4		7th July 2008. arrows feature added. If option 'autoArrows' is true, auto-appends (spans) to anchors that have a ul submenu sibling,
			and adds class 'sf-with-ul' to anchor.
			CSS added to style new arrows, including an 8-bit alpha (NOT INDEXED!) transparent png of arrow - degrades to solid for IE6.
			Manually add arrow mark-up to docs and disable autoArrows (via defaults option) to maintain decent performance (for docs page)
			Update docs, including zip download, to suit.
			Fix CSS bug that had the third tier of the navbar-style menu visible when JS not available.
v1.4.5		9 July 2008. decreased code weight
			added drop shadows for capable browsers - added css and 8-bit alpha transparent png image for shadow
			remove support for jQuery v<1.2
			remove unload clean-up which was there to solve garbage collection problems in early jQuery versions
			remove toggling 'visibility' on hide and show which as a fix for an IE bug that is no longer exhibited
			removed need for getOpts, rewrote getMenu
			use [].join('') instead of string concatenation for performance increase - probably very slight in this case
			change selector in 'over' function from '.'+o.hoverClass to 'li.'+o.hoverClass

v1.4.6		added workaround for IE7 shadows. If animation alters opacity then shadow is hidden during the animation and appears after.
			This required some JS and a line of CSS, so created shortcut references to lighten code further.
v1.4.7		added back in the visibility toggle that was removed in 1.4.5 as the bug is indeed still exhibited by IE6 & 7
			tweaked the look of the shadow slightly and use nicer 32bit png as I now find they behave the same as 8bit png with regard to fades in IE7
v1.4.8		fix over-sight: using 32bit png meant that the shadow image did show in IE6. Rather than go back to 8bit, add code to exclude IE6 from getting shadow class.
			use new folder structure recommended by Matt from TopicTrack, for easier updates.
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