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$lang_txt_005="there is no feedback to this topic<br /> maybe you will write one?";
$lang_txt_006="<br /><br /><br /><b>leave a comment:</b><br /><small> (you do not need to sign in, simply post)<br /></small>";
$lang_txt_008="thank you! ";
$lang_txt_009="your comment will be approved ";
$lang_txt_010="Error, already sent or filtered by SPAM Filter";
$lang_txt_011="new Entry";
$lang_txt_012="approve are delete this feedback:";
$lang_txt_013="missing detail:";
$lang_txt_015="additional feedback page";
$lang_txt_016="insert the password";
$lang_txt_017="wrong password";
$lang_txt_018="please click, if you are not automatically redirected ...";
$lang_txt_019="the default password is password <br>please set a new password in Settings after your first login<br>";
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