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Version 0.6 --------------------------------------------------------------------
Fix aspect ratio computation
Fix image size when scrolling the applet canvas out of sight
Methods that are meant to be called from Javascript are now public. Anything else is at least reduced to protected.
Improve demo.php to reflect current Javascript best practices at least a little bit :)

New parameter/functionality: "pasteonload" = *false*/true
If there is an image in clipboard while the applet is being loaded, the image gets pasted on applet-start.

New parameter/functionality: "backgroundcolor" = "#RRGGBB"
Color-String is the usual hex encoded color "#RRGGBB" or "0xRRGGBB", e.g.: "FF01AB"

New methods available for Javascript:
- int getImageWidth() // return the image width in pixels
- int getImageHeight() // return the image height in pixels
- void setClickForPaste(boolean) // dynamically enable/disable the clickForPaste functionality
- boolean isClickForPaste()
- void setTrace(boolean) // dynamicall enable/disable tracing to the JS-console
- boolean isTrace()

Behind the scenes:
Some refactoring and cleanup
Reformat all code :)
Update to Java 1.5 (i.e.: add some @Override)
Add missing/new eclipse settings to repository
Bring ant and eclipse project settings together :)
Merge build.properties into build.xml since I don't like it anymore :)

Version 0.5 --------------------------------------------------------------------
Support google chrome browser (should also fix Apple Mac clients)
Better support Internet Explorer when detecting if applet has finished loading

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