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$lang_txt_001="Error: wrong Format (allowed are .jpg, .gif,.png) or picture to big (maybe the picture is > 3000 Pixel)<br />";
$lang_txt_002="Copy unsuccessfull!";
$lang_txt_005="<-- back to the Contentoverview";
$lang_txt_006="<a href=\"http://cms.libe.net/index.php/Menuentries\" target=\"_blank\" title=\"Help\">edit the menu: write each topic in a single line<br />spaces at the beginning builds a submenu<br /><br />Important: please do not change the text of the menuentries (lines)<br /> you may lose access to the topics if you do so (the text is linked to the content)</a>";
$lang_txt_007="save topic: ";
$lang_txt_008="edit menu";
$lang_txt_009="change layout";
$lang_txt_010="edit a topic (menutree)";
$lang_txt_012="Picture / File:";
$lang_txt_013="(save our topic, press \"update\",before uploading pictures) </small></small>";
$lang_txt_014="insert uploaded picutres";
$lang_txt_015="insert picture format 500px when you click on it expand the picture to 800px (Lightbox) format:";
$lang_txt_016="insert picuture, picture will not be expanded when you click on it as it is to small, you can use 'L' for lightboxeffect Format:";
$lang_txt_017="insert picuture original size because format:";
$lang_txt_018="delete picuture";
$lang_txt_021="leave Page-Editor";
$lang_txt_022="click on a picture to change the layout";
$lang_txt_023="WARNING: File: var.php ist not writable: Please change the file security (chmod)";
$lang_txt_024="WARNING: Folder: image ist not writable: Please change the file security (chmod)";
$lang_txt_025="WARNING: Folder: daten ist not writable: Please change the file security (chmod)";
$lang_txt_026="WARNING: File is not writable! Please change the file security (chmod)";
$lang_txt_027="WARNING: File daten/dat_men_file.dat is not writable! Please change the file security (chmod)";
$lang_txt_028="WARNING: please change the default password in section Settings";
$lang_txt_030="WARNING: Folder: download ist not writable: Please change the file security (chmod)";
$lang_txt_031="click into the textarea and insert the downloadlink";
$lang_txt_032="<b><b><big> Changes have not been saved!</big></b> </b><br /> You have changed or removed the following items:</b><br />";
$lang_txt_033="If you wrote content to this item(s) you will lose access to the content<br />if you are not sure click \"back to Contentoverview\" otherwise enable the Checkbox and click \"update\" to save the entries";
$lang_txt_034="WARNING: Folder: feedback ist not writable: Please change the file security (chmod)";
$lang_txt_035="Page is online:";
$lang_txt_036="take it offline for Maintenance";
$lang_txt_037="take online";
$lang_txt_038="WARNING: Page is currently offline";
$lang_txt_042="Title for Menuentries";
$lang_txt_043="set Mod Rewrite off";
$lang_txt_044="set Mod Rewrite on";
$lang_txt_045="<small>Mod Rewrite not installed</small>";
$lang_txt_046="small Description";
$lang_txt_047="News Entry on Startpage";
$lang_txt_048="is listed more than once, all menu entries must be unique";
$lang_txt_049="load Article";
$lang_txt_051="New entries (online - sorted by date)";
$lang_txt_052="Future (not online - sorted by date)";
$lang_txt_053="File .htaccess is not writeable";
$lang_txt_054="new Topic";
$lang_txt_055="Menu or Topic after ";
$lang_txt_056="Menu or Topic before ";
$lang_txt_057="Topic to";
$lang_txt_058="new Topic: not shown in menu";
$lang_txt_059="same layer";
$lang_txt_060="one layer deeper";
$lang_txt_061="create the topic / menu depend on the following item:";
$lang_txt_062="Bulk insert all pictures mini 150px (click on it:expand the picture if more then 500px:(Lightbox))";
$lang_txt_063="Bulk insert all pictures mini 500px (click on it:expand the picture if more then 500px:(Lightbox))";
$lang_txt_064="insert a small Picture 150px will be expanded by clicking (Lightbox 500px or 800px)";
$lang_txt_065="insert picture 500px do not expand (as this picture is to small) but use Lightbox";
$lang_txt_066="insert all pictures";
$lang_txt_067="use this picture as thumbnail";
$lang_txt_068="you can upload multiple jpg images by .zip File : take care about the Server-File-Limit  (which is defined in the php.ini of the webserver). ";
$lang_txt_070="Men&uuml;tree / Menu and Submenues";
$lang_txt_072="edit the Men&uuml;tree Submenus Artikles | to save press auf Update | return to the aricles press 'back to the Contentoverview'";
$lang_txt_073="goto Articleoverview";
$lang_txt_074="write anew Article (Topic)";
$lang_txt_075="edit global Site Settings";
$lang_txt_076="approve, commend, delete Feedbacks";
$lang_txt_077="leave edit mode and forget the password";
$lang_txt_078="leave edit mode and remember the password (cookie)";
$lang_txt_079="leave the editor and jump to this topic in frontend";
$lang_txt_080="stores this post (necessarily run before leaving this page, because the changes will otherwise be lost)";
$lang_txt_081="Article Title (Tag:<title> = is used by search engines as possible title text of the search hit)";
$lang_txt_082="Description of this item (tag: <meta description> is maybe used by search engines as label of the search hit)";
$lang_txt_083="Date / time when the item appears in the menu";
$lang_txt_084="Description of menu items / News / or possibly used as the title of the article";
$lang_txt_085="Link title used at the menu (this should be possibly shorter in order to have enough space in the Layout menu: depending on the layout)";
$lang_txt_086="Post this link on the front page (News)";
$lang_txt_087="Upload a picture or file (file can not be larger than the server-file limit, zip files are checked for content and contained jpg files are unpacked if necessary.. Thus allows multiple files to be uploaded at the same time .. .)";
$lang_txt_088="with every save (update) the current version is stored in a 'Restore Point', an older version of this article can thus be restored at any time (to load select Restore Points and press 'update', then again 'update ' to save the loaded version)";
$lang_txt_089="(Note: Changes are not saved when you exit: press 'update' before)";
$lang_txt_090="load Feedback Module";
$lang_txt_091="Users are able to add comments to this topic";
$lang_txt_092="insert your Email Address: used for FeedbackModule to send you an Email if someone has posted a commend ; separates multiple email-addresses";
$lang_txt_093="Users can not access the content of the website: Maintenance Mode";
$lang_txt_094="Page put online: Users can access the content of the website";
$lang_txt_095="change Template";
$lang_txt_096="bad words ;separtes multiple bad words ";
$lang_txt_097="change password";
$lang_txt_098="Password changed";
$lang_txt_099="Password do not match!";
$lang_txt_100="Password to short or not valid";
$lang_txt_101="Columns for feedback module separated by ; * means Required  | means Textbox Example:Name*;Email;Comment*|";
$lang_txt_102="if selected: every feedback needs approve in menu Feedback";
$lang_txt_103="needs approve:";
$lang_txt_104="approve all";
$lang_txt_105="show all";
$lang_txt_107="show new";
$lang_txt_108="Uncheck All";
$lang_txt_109="type sure to delete selected files";
$lang_txt_111="<br><br> short help for the first start: <br> there is no menu structure or created topics <br> in the Title field you can add the first menuitem (or topic) <br > the topics or menu items must be unique <br> the title should be considered carefully, this can not be changed later! (only by creating a new item, the content / link will be lost) <br> you can unlink or move the menu item or topic later in the menu 'Edit menu'";
$lang_txt_112="top layer add to the end";
$lang_txt_113="used for Headline Title in Templates";
$lang_txt_114="used for Headline Description in Templates";
$lang_txt_115="insert Picture 800px";
$lang_txt_116="move article (hold down left mouse button, to save click 'save grouping')";
$lang_txt_117="save grouping";
$lang_txt_118="saves moved menuentries or articles";
$lang_txt_119="+ (expand all)";
$lang_txt_120="- (collapse all)";
$lang_txt_121="move this area into the menu,  to define the position .. then press 'new'";
$lang_txt_122="Warning: Browser is not supported: please use Internet Explorer Version 9 or newer; Mozilla Firefox; Google Chrome, ...";
$lang_txt_123="new entry";
$lang_txt_124="(insert text, choose position and click 'new') <br>IMPORTANT: the text generates the URL: so this text can not be changed later (is used as unique ID)";
$lang_txt_125="Text for new entry";
$lang_txt_126="create new topic or menuentry: insert text (is not possible to change it later), choose position (drop area via mouse into the menu) press 'new'";
$lang_txt_127="create new topic or menuentry (previously enter the text and drag the area to the menu)";
$lang_txt_128="drag the area to the menu";
$lang_txt_129="IMPORTANT: the text for the item can not be changed (the text constitutes the browser address: URL and the text for the administration menu;   topic title and text for menu items can be changed later editing the article";
$lang_txt_130="display submenus";
$lang_txt_131="hide submenus";
$lang_txt_132="disabled entries";
$lang_txt_133="disabled articles are hidden in the frontend, to activate: Pull entries by mouse in the menu structure and click 'save grouping'";
$lang_txt_134="admin menu tree expand all submenus";
$lang_txt_135="currently: Hide -> Change to show";
$lang_txt_136="currently: show -> Change to hide";
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