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Lists changes to the site, known issues, planned changes, etc.
I know, nobody ever reads this kind of page, but it makes me feel good
to have one I can look at and add to. :)

Author: Jeff Wartes (hide@address.com)

<title>Site notes</title>
<style> <!-- @import url(animelists.css); --> </style>


<h2>Latest News: Version 2.0 is complete!</h2><br>

<br><b>Update Log: (changes since Version 2.0)</b><br>
07/08/02: Tweak: Moved table sorting and highlighting inclusion to .css file<br>
07/08/02: Bug Fix: List should now be mostly sorted by title on inital page load. Probably a temporary solution<br>
<br><b>Changes from Version 1.0 to Version 2.0</b><br>
4/10/02: Addition: Event logging implemented<br>
4/11/02: Bug fix: Must enter something for the number of episodes in a partial collection<br>
4/11/02: Addition: Added links to the <a href="http://www.animeplex.com/">Animeplex</a> anime review site<br>
4/11/02: Addition: Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) support<br>
4/14/02: Addition: Added "Year Published" and "Time" (play duration) fields to the definition of an item in the list <br>
4/15/02: Modification: Changed the columns of both the "main list" and the "modify list" pages<br>
4/15/02: Tweak: Changed the event logging to use local server time instead of GMT <br>
4/15/02: Tweak: Logging out now removes ALL cookie data that was stored by the site<br>
4/22/02: Addition: Viewing the main list page refreshes any cookies the site has stored<br>
4/22/02: Addition: Multiple user access levels, specifically USER, VIEWER and ADMIN<br>
4/22/02: Tweak: Clicking on an "info" link on the "modify list/view info" page now also scrolls down to where the contact info is displayed<br>
5/15/02: Modification: Rewrote list display and sort method <br>
5/15/02: Addition: Row highlighting<br>
5/16/02: Tweak: Changed list (table) look via CSS stylesheet<br>
5/16/02: Modification: Changed hypertext links in the list (edit/vote/info/etc.) to images<br>
5/20/02: Addition: A User Management page that shows all site users, their contact info and their access level, as well as some user-related site settings.<br>
5/20/02: Addition: The ability to change users' access level via the User Management page<br>
5/21/02: Addition: The ability to delete user accounts (and anything they added to the list in the process) via the User Management page<br>
5/21/02: Modification: Updated the table help page to match the other changes, added shortcut links.<br>
5/21/02: Tweak: Added an "add another" link to the "list entry was added successfully" page<br>
5/26/02: Modification: File cleanup. Merged submitform.htm and modify_show.php, moved data files, image files, and non-php source files to their own directories<br>
5/27/02: Modification: More file/code cleanup<br>
5/27/02: Bug Fix: Page redirect upon login now always sends you to the last important page you were trying to view<br>
5/28/02: Modification: More file/code cleanup. Removed most hardcoded links, improved file naming conventions<br>
7/02/02: Addition: Main page now shows the latest changes to the list<br>
7/05/02: Tweak: Added header documention and author info to all files<br>

<br><b>Version 1.0 Features:</b><br>
Lists stored items. <br>
Can sort the list. <br>
Users can log in/out. <br>
Users can add to list.<br>
Users can change their personal information.  <br>
Users can edit items they added to the list. <br>
Users can vote for anime they want to see. <br>
Only allows admins access to user info (email/username) for all entries on the list. <br>
Admins can edit any item listed.  <br>
<b>Known Issues:</b><br>
The lists are not sorted when initially loaded. - Temporary fix added shortly after 2.0 release, list is "sort-of" sorted whenever an entry is modified.<br>
The "Owned" column does not sort as expected.<br>
<b>Features still under development:</b><br>
Users can rate shows they have seen. (not sure I want to bother adding this)<br>
Port data files to use MySQL (long-term, lots of work involved, need server that'll support it)<br>
<b>Technical TODO list:</b> (not in order)<br>
TEST! (always needs lots of this)<br>
Allow/Automate data file backups every set interval<br>
Convert php auto created post vars to explicit checks from the $HTTP_POST_VARS
in case server does not support the global creation (for compatibility)<br>

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