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Documentation of Clubdata data structure

1. General

The name of the table columns follows some rules.
The ending of the name attached by _ is significant and shows the type of the data stored in this column.

_ref : Reference to another table.
        Language_ref holds the key values and referes to the table Language.
        Language as referenced table has also to follow some rules (see below)
        Clubdata doesn't show the _ref value, but the description associated in the
        referenced table by this value.

_xref: Reference to another table via lookup array.
       The global associative variable $xreftable, which is defined in function.inc is
       used to lookup the correspondant table. The name of the column is the index to
       the variable. The value gives the table to use.
       Otherwise this type is equivalent to _ref. (See below).

_yn  : YES/NO Field.
        This field is an integer or boolean field, which may hold a 0 for NO and a
        value <> 0 for YES.

_link: This field holds a filename. This file is stored on the filesystem.

_pw:   This fields holds a password. Password are not shown, but asterixes are displayed instead.
        For input fields, a second field to retype the password is created automatically.

All fields without an extension are used "as is". Character fields are treated as characters,
number fields are treated as numbers.

2. Referenced tables (referenced by _ref or _xref fields)

Referenced tables must have a field named "id". It must have the same type as the
corresponding _ref field.
In most cases there are also columns called "Description_<Language>", where Language may be
one of "UK", "DE", "FR".
This description fields are shown instead of the value stored in the _ref field.
The appendix _Language is used to select the appropriate language to show.
If their is no column for the selected language, "Description_UK" is used and if it doesn't
exist either, all supported Languages (defined by $suppLangs) are searched in the given order.
If the string is still empty, "Description" is used and as a last resort, the value of the 
first column of that row.

If a column Show_yn exists with this table, only those rows, which have Show_yn = 1 are listed 
for selection, otherwise all rows are selectable.

If the selected value is empty, an empty selection is added automatically.

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