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 * @Software    ClipBucket
 * @Author      Arslan Hassan, et al
 * @Copyright	Copyright (c) 2007-2008. All Rights Reserved.
 * @URL        	http://www.clip-bucket.com
 * @version		$Id: template.php 297 2009-10-12 17:18:55Z fwhite $
 * @Created 	2008
 * @License		CBLA v1 - http://cbla.cbdev.org
 This source code is licensed under the terms of the CBLA v1
 Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Clip-Bucket.com. All rights reserved.

$grp_temp_lang = array(

//for Add_Group_Videos.html
'grp_add_vdo_msg'		=> 'Add Videos To Group ',
'grp_no_vdo_msg'		=> 'No videos uploaded or all your videos are already a part of this group.',
'grp_add_to'			=> 'Add To Group',
'grp_add_vdos'			=> 'Add Videos',

//for create_group.html and edit_group.html
'grp_name_title'		=> 'Group Name:',
'grp_tag_title'			=> 'Tags:',
'grp_des_title'			=> 'Description:',
'grp_tags_msg'			=> 'Enter one or more tags, separated by spaces.',
'grp_tags_msg1'			=> 'Tags are keywords used to describe your group so it can be easily found by other users. For example, if you have a group for surfers, you might tag it: surfing, beach, waves.',
'grp_url_title'			=> 'Choose a unique group name URL:',

'grp_url_msg'			=> 'Enter 3-18 characters with no spaces (such as "skateboarding skates"), that will become part of your group\'s web address. Please note, the group name URL you pick is permanent and can\'t be changed.',
'grp_cat_tile'			=> 'Group Category:',

'grp_vdo_uploads'		=> 'Video Uploads:',
'grp_forum_posting'		=> 'Forums Posting:',
'grp_join_opt1'			=> 'Public, anyone can join.',
'grp_join_opt2'			=> 'Protected, requires founder approval to join.',
'grp_join_opt3'			=> 'Private, by founder invite only, only members can view group details.',
'grp_vdo_opt1'			=> 'Post videos immediately.',
'grp_vdo_opt2'			=> 'Founder approval required before video is available.',
'grp_vdo_opt3'			=> 'Only Founder can add new videos.',
'grp_post_opt1'			=> 'Post topics immediately.',
'grp_post_opt2'			=> 'Founder approval required before topic is available.',
'grp_post_opt3'			=> 'Only Founder can create a new topic.',
'grp_crt_grp'			=> 'Create Group',
'grp_thumb_title'		=> 'Group Thumb',
'grp_thumb_replace'		=> 'Replace Group Thumb',
'grp_thumb_delete'		=> 'Delete Group Thumb',
'grp_update_msg'		=> 'Update Group',
'grp_upl_thumb'			=> 'Upload Group Thumb',
'grp_must_be'			=> 'Must Be',
'grp_90x90'				=> '90  x 90 Ratio Will Give Best quality',
'grp_thumb_warn'		=> 'Do Not Upload Vulgur or Copyrighted Material',

//Delete Group
'grp_del_confirm'		=> 'Are You Sure You Want To Delete This Group',
'grp_del_success'		=> 'You Have Successfully Deleted',
'grp_click_go_grps'		=> 'Click Here To Go To Groups',

//for group_header.html
'grp_edit_grp_title'	=> 'Edit Group',
'grp_manage_vdos'		=> 'Manage Videos',
'grp_manage_mems'		=> 'Manage Members',
'grp_del_group_title'	=> 'Delete Group',
'grp_add_vdos_title'	=> 'Add Videos',
'grp_join_grp_title'	=> 'Join Group',
'grp_leave_group_title'	=> 'Leave Group',
'grp_invite_grp_title'	=> 'Invite Members',
'grp_view_mems'			=> 'View Members',
'grp_view_vdos'			=> 'View Videos',

//for groups.html
'grp_create_grp_title'	=> 'Create A New Group',
'grp_most_members'		=> 'Most Members',
'grp_most_discussed'	=> 'Most Discussed',

//for invite_group.html
'grp_invite_msg'		=> 'Invite Users To This Group',
'grp_invite_msg1'		=> 'Has Invited You To Join',
'grp_invite_msg2'		=> 'Enter Emails or Usernames (seperate by commas)',
'grp_url_title1'		=> 'Group url',
'grp_invite_msg3'		=> 'Send Invitation',

//for join_group.html
'grp_join_confirm_msg'	=> 'Are You Sure You Want To Join This Group',
'grp_join_msg_succ'		=> 'You Have Successfully Joined',
'grp_click_here_to_go'	=> 'Click Here To Go To',

//for leave_group.html
'grp_leave_confirm'		=> 'Are You Sure You Want To Leave This Group',
'grp_leave_succ_msg'	=> 'You Have Successfully Left',

//for manage_group_members.html
'grp_manage_members_title'	=> 'Manage Members ',
'grp_for_approval'			=> 'For Approval',
'grp_rm_videos'				=> 'Remove Videos',
'grp_rm_mems'				=> 'Remove Members',

//for manage_groups.html
'grp_groups_title'		=> 'Manage Groups',
'grp_remove_group'		=> 'Remove Group',
'grp_bo_grp_found'		=> 'No Group Found',
'grp_joined_groups'		=> 'Joined Groups',
'grp_owned_groups'		=> 'Owned Groups',
'grp_edit_this_grp'		=> 'Edit This Group',

//for view_group.html
'grp_topics_title'		=>	'Topics',
'grp_topic_title'		=>	'Topic',
'grp_posts_title'		=>	'Posts',
'grp_discus_title'		=> 'Discussions',

'grp_author_title'		=> 'Author',
'grp_replies_title'		=> 'Replies',
'grp_last_post_title'	=> 'Last Post ',
'grp_viewl_all_videos'	=> 'View All Videos of This Group',
'grp_add_new_topic'		=> 'Add New Topic',
'grp_attach_video'		=> 'Attach Video ',
'grp_add_topic'			=> 'Add Topic',
'grp_please_login'		=> 'Please Login To Post Topics',
'grp_please_join'		=> 'Please Join This Group To Post Topics',
'grp_inactive_account'	=> 'Your Account Is Inactive And Required Activation From Group Owner',
'grp_about_this_grp'	=> 'About This Group ',
'grp_no_vdo_err'		=> 'This Group Has No Vidoes',

//for view_topic.html
'grp_posted_by'			=> 'Posted by',
'grp_add_new_comment'	=> 'Add New Comment',
'grp_add_comment'		=> 'Add Comment',
'grp_pls_login_comment'	=> 'Please Login To Post Comments',
'grp_pls_join_comment'	=> 'Please Join This Group To Post Comments',

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