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- Add PDF export (as the print button but as PDF)
- Netvibes widget to view overall situation on budgets and to upload new data
- iPhone client to display current situation
- Export in excel (for those who would like to go back to stone age)
- add recurrent flag with recurrent period for transactions
- detect recurring payment => select * from (SELECT count(*) as count, memo, amount FROM t_items ?where debit = 1? group by amount)  where count>1 order by count DESC
- Identify investment from spending
- Plugin mechanism to allow external developpers to add extra features
- Categories with sub-categories
- Print monthly view

- escape all outputs with htmlentities
- add session params to all forms (to avoid CSRF) - maybe should take it from a global var in JS and all form processing should return a new one as part of $return

- escape all input params with strip_tags
- page (next-previous) on listItems if too many
- Add category limit in enveloppe view
- Remove Language file from the main application and make it a downloadable option

- DONE - Remove all actions in the isReady function
- DONE - Add SMS & email sending for reminders for COM users
- DONE - Better functionnality integration to clearbudget.net
- DONE - Modify print on home page for new design
- DONE - Add a month overview with all credits/debits transactions and a summary
- DONE - Redo complete design as to follow overall design from clearbudget.net
- DONE - Edit manual transations entry
- DONE - Support tab key in most forms
- DONE - Converts most links to forms as to support enter key as submit
- DONE - Fixed bug where decimal of initial balance were ignored
- DONE - Add possibility to delete a keyword
- DONE - Improve keyword suggestion tool as to allow direct addition of keyword and as to see where keyword is used

- DONE - When entering budgets for each category, a total of all the budget values at the bottom of the screen.  Basically just adding up the budget column to display the total monthly budget.
- DONE - An extra column in Overview, showing your set budget
- DONE - Color code the AVG column in overview to show if over budget on average
- DONE - Add validation on QIF/QFX import on necessary values
- DONE - Add CSV import tool following citibank format (that is the only one we now)
- DONE - Add support to split transactions in sub-transactions
- DONE - Sdd reminder of futur payment (next week and next month for example)

- DONE - Allow cutom time range for report (choose start and end date)
- DONE - Limit category listing AND search listing to the limit month chosen (requires a change to the view in the DB)
- DONE - DEBUG graph of monthly debit/credit

- DONE - Fix bug on QFX file import being more flexible on the file format
- DONE - Fix bug on file upload to avoid error on file too big
- DONE - Improved search with 'results as you type' feature
- DONE - Cosmetic polish (new table row highlight)
- DONE - New report graphics (caregory comparison as line charts, credits Vs debits globaly, credit Vs debits monthly)
- DONE - Add setup wizard (step 1: add transactions, step 2: create categories, step 3: create keywords)

- DONE - Fix bug where transaction categorization to null category was allowed
- DONE - Fix bug where new manual entries without category where not displayed anywhere

- DONE - Add QFX upload capabilities
- DONE - Add British Pound as a currency
- DONE - Fix bug where Clearbudget always goes back to the currency set during setup
- DONE - Cleanup in QIF and QFX parser (a bit more safer)
- DONE - Fix data aggregation bug where month only was check (month of all year where added)
- DONE - capabilities to add transactions manualy (for cash only transaction for example)
- DONE - being able to 'delete' a transaction (delete should hide that transaction as to be able to undelete)
- DONE - Keyword suggestions tool 

- DONE - Show list of transactions after import
- DONE - Show existing transaction prior to 0-7-2 grouped as per the create date
- DONE - Add flag to tell if QIF dates are under US or Europe format
- DONE - Being able to roll-back a file import
- DONE - Being able to list all transaction imported by a file upload
- DONE - Edit keyword when no categories are setup should display an error (no point to setup keyword without categories!)
- DONE - Add a 'check for new version' features (more a warning than anything else)
- DONE - Check scrolling on Transaction edition screen (should not scroll to top)
- DONE - Add a print button on main page
- DONE - Optimize speed by doing setup only on main loading page (i.e.: when not in Ajax mode)
- DONE - Default the language on the setup page based on browser language
- DONE - Default the setup to secure access to site
- DONE - Check if DB folder is writable on setup
- DONE - Display the loading gif after changing report time range
- DONE - Tag cloud based on category amount with small details box
- DONE - Special CSS to optimize printing the report page
- DONE - Secure cookie to avoid hacking
- DONE - Secure access to DB with htaccess
- DONE - Optimize the backup functionnality to prevent direct access to DB
- DONE - Secure access to any file by validating user input and action parameter
- DONE - Add unique identifier in Cookie (Default is 0)
- DONE - Date range should not be from today's date but from last transaction date
- DONE - Redo overall design to allow for larger tables
- DONE - (part of redesign of 0-7-1) Saving a transaction should prompt to redirect to the list (credit or debit) for this category
- DONE - (part of redesign of 0-7-1) Transaction edit screen could be done in a modal window (to investigate)
- DONE - Print # of transactions on top of list items

- DONE - Implement 'something' about the monthly maximum amount for categories
- DONE - Navigation from Credit to Credit transation list should list only Credit transation (Same for debits) and for the category
- DONE - Edit key word page for auto sort
- DONE - Finish cleanup of property keys
- DONE - Graph with google chart
- DONE - Rename 'item' in 'transaction'
- DONE - Add graph on overview page (maybe remove the graph page itself)
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