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$lang['crbs_mustbeloggedin'] = 'You must be logged in to access this page.';
$lang['crbs_mustbeadmin'] = 'You must be an Administrator to access this page.';

$lang['crbs_action_dberror'] = 'A database error occured while %s this item.';
$lang['dberror'] = 'A database error occured while %s the %s.';
$lang['crbs_action_added'] = '<strong>%s</strong> has been added successfully.';
$lang['crbs_action_saved'] = '<strong>%s</strong> has been saved successfully.';
$lang['crbs_action_modified'] = '<strong>%s</strong> has been modified successfully.';
$lang['crbs_action_deleted'] = 'The item has been deleted successfully.';

$lang['colour_invalid'] = 'You entered an invalid colour value.';

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