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<h1>The ClaSS Story</h1>

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<h2>The philosophy behind the lines</h2>
ClaSS started as a project for the summer holidays in 2002. After my
first year as a classroom teacher, the need for a simple IT solution
to manage student data was obvious but not existent.
All the IT I had been called upon to use provided some
extra-functionality for the school, or serviced a singular management
task, but generally magnified the workload both for me as a class
teacher and for support staff.  
The aim was to organise student data for the classroom teacher to make
it accessible, up to date, and to eliminate duplication of
entry. Achieving this was clearly going to need an integrated
school-wide solution but ClaSS was not designed like other school
information systems that did already exist. It was conceived and
remains a system that works from the classroom upwards, and not from
the educational system downwards.

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