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/* Config Part --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*/

$directory = "/enter/your/website/root/";														//  Webserver path to your adrotator files
$linkfile = "linkcode.inc";																			//  The Link Code file
$adcountfile = "displayad.inc";																	//  The Ad Display file
$pos = "left";																							//  Postion of banner tag (left, center or right)
$help_msg = "no";																					//  Display a "Help Message" - "Yes" to enable!
$help_message = "Please support this site by clicking on the banner below";		//  Enter "Help Message" here

/* End of Config Part -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*/

// Leave below this line alone - If you modify anything below I can assure you it will mess up!

// the file holding the advert number to view next
$num = file($directory.$adcountfile);

// the file holding the link codes
$adverts = file($directory.$linkfile);

// tells the script to look at the next item in the array
$num = $num[0]+1;

// counting the number of adverts - using function count()
$number = count($adverts);

// If ran out of adverts, start again!

// write the current number to the file
if (file_exists($directory.$adcountfile)) {
	$nu = fopen ($directory.$adcountfile, "w");
	else {
		die("<h1>Can't find file</h1><br>Check ad-count file ($adcountfile) exists<BR>Check file with links ($linkfile) exists<BR>Check directory ($directory) is correct");

// display the link on the page

if($help_msg == "yes"){
	echo "{$pos_statag}<small>$help_message</small>{$pos_endtag}";
echo "<div align=\"$pos\">$adverts[$num]</div>";
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