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The themes are located in the theme directory of

your chirp install.  Each theme should be in its

own directory.  These directories are what you

select in the admin section.

Every file that is in the default theme needs to

be in your customized theme directory but does

not necessarily need to be used.  

I will do my best to explain this but I hope that

from the basic default example that it is obvious

on how to work the themes.

The page is put together in a 3 column format.  

Left panel, right panel and center panel.  By not

using a panel will control if the page is single 

column or multi-column.

Any page that says non_loggedon will be displayed 

when the user is not logged on and will disappear 

once the user logs in.

The pages are populated by placeholders that look like 

this  %SITENAME%  I did my best to ensure that these are

able to use on any page and part for the utmost control of 

yoursite.  I'm not going to write a manual on this as it

would take a long time.  I ask that you use the default 

theme as your example.

The profile.theme.html file is a single page with full

header and body of its own.  This is the user profile 

that will be seen.

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