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Word Filter


In this section of the admin area you will see two

columns.  One column has bad words and the other 

has good words.  How this works is if a bad word

is entered into a message the system will turn it

into a good, more acceptible word of your choosing.

So if I were to put "Groone" as a bad word and then

a good word I put "Groone the person I worship" then 

if you enter a message that says 

"Hi Groone!"  

It would be changed to 

"Hi Groone the person I worship!"

So you can control the level of adultness you want on

your site.

Spam Filter


No one likes spam and spammers are the bane of the

internet.  The best way to mitgate them is to nip

it at the bud.

In this section you control the flow of spammers.

Spammers tend to use predictable keywords that are not 

necessarily bad words. For example, a spammer might write 

"buy inexpensive rolex watches" whereas your friend might 

say, "I bought a rolex watch."

Separate each phrase or word with a comma, and no spaces. 

Spaces can be used in phrases.

When a spam phrase is detected it will not be placed in the

message database and never be displayed to the general


These keywords are kept in the includes folder and located

in the keywords.inc.php file.  This file needs to be 

writeable to the script typically chmod 777.

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