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Here is the good part.  After editing this file, and 

everything is entered properly you should have a working 

script ready to chat.

Open the file config.inc.php located in the chirp includes

folder.  This file needs to be writable by the admin script.

If you are using FastCGI like me then you're good, otherwise

you will need to chmod it 777 or what ever your server 

requires so you can write, modify, delete and create.

Let's take a look at the file contents and recall what is 

necessary to ensure the variables are correctly inserted.

As we discussed in doc.3.db.txt you are required to encase

the variable data in single quotes, and each line should be

ended in a semicolon.

	$sitename = 'Chirp: The Microblogger';

	$url = 'http://www.yoursite.com/';

	$theme = 'default';

	$site_email_address = 'hide@address.com';

	$language = 'en';

	$enable_emoticons = 1;

	$emoticon_pack = 'default';

	$num_msg_to_show = 50;

	$max_msg_size= 151;

	$max_img_size = 345;

	$username_length_min = 5;

	$username_length_max = 20;

	$password_length_min = 6;

	$allow_nonfollow_dm = 0;

	$use_keyword_spam_filter = 1;

	$use_bad_word_filer = 1;

	$num_people_to_show = 50;

	$chirpuname = 'admin';

	$chirppw = 'password';

	$enable_recaptcha = 0;

	$recaptcha_public_key = '';

	$recaptcha_private_key = '';


For the most part, the only thing you need to edit to make

the script work right off the bat is the following:

	$url = 'http://www.yoursite.com/';

Put in the url of how to get to the script.  For example, I 

am workng on a site at http://gamerzpit.com and I installed the

script at the root.  The entry would look like this.


	$url = 'http://www.gamerzpit.com/';

Notice the trailing slash.  This is very important.  Make sure 

the trailing slash is there or else the script wont work.  If I 

installed the script under a chirp directory then the entry 

would look like this

	$url = 'http://www.gamerzpit.com/chirp/';


Again, trailing slash is important.

Save the file and then point your browser to:



If you didn't change the password in the above file then the default

username and password is 

	user:  admin

	pw:  password


Login and go to the next document. 
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