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The MySQL section will be short.  I'm not here to hold a class

on MySQL.  I am thinking that if you got this far you 1.) have

hired someone to install the script for you, or 2.) you know

how to install the script yourself.


This will be a rudimentary command line installation of the sql

file locate in your sql directory of the chirp installation.


MySQL Installation 

Create & Populate the MySQL Database - If you have shell access to your

web server, login and create the database using the following command:


shell> mysqladmin create chirp 


You must then populate the database by copying the /chirp/sql/chirp.sql file into

the database:


shell> mysql -u <USERNAME> -p<PASSWORD> chirp < chirp.sql 


This will run a set of SQL queries on your database and fill the database with default

data. Your database is now populated and Chirp is almost ready for use. 

With shell access, you can check to see if the tables have been successfully

created, you can list them by using the mysqlshowcommand:


shell> mysqlshow chirp 


If you use phpMyAdmin to access MySQL copy the chirp.sql file and paste the

contents inside the "Run SQL query/queries on database" field box in the database.

This will display the tables and the variables needed for Chirp to run

correctly. For more information see your phpMyAdmin documentation.
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