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defined('DOIT') or die('Restricted access');

$mod_gb = array(
"lbl_anonymus"		=> "Anonymus",
"lbl_answerby"		=> "Answered by",
"lbl_captcha"		=> "Use CAPTCHA?",
"lbl_commdate"		=> "Comment date",
"lbl_comment"		=> "Comment",
"lbl_commuser"		=> "Commented by",
"lbl_date"		=> "Date",
"lbl_editentry"		=> "Edit Guestbook Entry",
"lbl_email"		=> "E-Mail (will not be displayed)",
"lbl_guests"		=> "Allow guest entries?",
"lbl_msg"		=> "Message",
"lbl_modgb"		=> "...for the Guestbook module",
"lbl_name"		=> "Name",
"lbl_newfirst"		=> "Newest entries first?",
"lbl_notific"		=> "Send notification to the following e-mail adresses",
"lbl_publish"		=> "Publish new entries?",
"lbl_published"		=> "Published?",
"lbl_reqmail"		=> "Require e-mail adress?",
"lbl_required"		=> "required field",
"lbl_sendmsg"		=> "Send message",
"lbl_separate"		=> "Separate multiple adresses using |",
"lbl_signup1"		=> "Sign up",
"lbl_signup2"		=> " or leave empty to use the global chillyCMS key.",
"lbl_showmail"		=> "Show e-mail adress field?",
'lbl_validate'		=> 'Validate now!',
"lbl_wrotethe"		=> "the",
"lbl_wroteat"		=> "at",
"msg_captcha_err"	=> "You did not solve the CAPTCHA correctly",
'msg_double_err'	=> 'No double posts, please!',
"msg_emptymsg_err"	=> "Your message must not be empty",
"msg_invalidmail_err"	=> "Invalid E-mail address",
"msg_login"		=> "You have to log in to write a message",
"msg_msginsert_err"	=> "Error sending message",
"msg_msgsent_ok"	=> "Your message has been sent",
"msg_newgbentry"	=> "New guestbook entry!",
"msg_senttoadmin"	=> "Your message has been set to the Administrator for validation",
'msg_unlock'		=> 'This messsage is still inactive and waiting for validation',
"msg_wrongu_err"	=> "You are not who you pretend to be",
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