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defined('DOIT') or die('Restricted access');

//settings are passed to this file in the variable $modsettings formatted as a string
//in the benzinpreis module, the settings contain the name of the city to display
$editform .= '<p>'.$mod_bp['lbl_settings'].'</p><br><br>';

$editform .= '<p>'.$mod_bp['lbl_region'].'</p><select name=region size=1>';
foreach ($regions as $key=>$region) {
	if ($key==$modsettings) {
		$editform .= '<option value="'.$key.'" selected="selected">'.$region.'</option>';
	} else {
		$editform .= '<option value="'.$key.'">'.$region.'</option>';
$editform .= '</select>';
//since the data is to be saved in an array, the order is important!
$specialsettings = 'region';
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