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// Language file ENGLISH
defined('DOIT') or die('Restricted access');

$l_gen = array(
"lbl_access"		=> "Access",
"lbl_add"		=> "Add",
"lbl_apply"		=> "Apply",
"lbl_back"		=> "Back",
"lbl_cancel"		=> "Cancel",
"lbl_createnew"		=> "New",
"lbl_delete"		=> "Delete",
"lbl_deletebutton"	=> "Delete installation folder",
"lbl_download"		=> "Download",
"lbl_edit"		=> "Edit",
"lbl_email"		=> "E-Mail",
"lbl_error"		=> "Error",
"lbl_go"		=> "Go!",
"lbl_info"		=> "Info",
"lbl_move"		=> "Move",
"lbl_new"		=> "new",
"lbl_no"		=> "No",
"lbl_ok"		=> "OK",
"lbl_old"		=> "old",
"lbl_read"		=> "Read",
"lbl_reload"		=> "Reload",
"lbl_remove"		=> "Remove",
"lbl_reset"		=> "Reset",
"lbl_save"		=> "Save",
"lbl_savedch"		=> "Saved changes",
"lbl_show"		=> "Show",
"lbl_sorry"		=> "Sorry",
"lbl_special"		=> "Special",
"lbl_status"		=> "Status",
"lbl_thankyou"		=> "Thank you",
"lbl_upload"		=> "Upload",
"lbl_yes"		=> "Yes",
"msg_delinstdir_err"	=> "Error deleting installation folder. Please check the file permissions!",
"msg_delinstdir_ok"	=> "Installation folder deleted",
"msg_email_err"		=> "An email address must have at least 6 characters and must NOT contain: ",
"msg_nicetry_err"	=> "Nice try, but the page you tried to hack into is admin only!",
"pop_del"		=> " is to be deleted. Are you sure?",
"tip_act"		=> "Activate",
"tip_allow"		=> "Allow",
"tip_forbid"		=> "Forbid",
"tip_inact"		=> "Inactivate",
"tip_movu"		=> "Move up",
"tip_movd"		=> "Move down",
"txt_delete_instdir"	=> "You have to delete the installation folder to secure your website.",
"txt_help"		=> "Need help?",
"txt_welcome"		=> "Welcome...",
"txt_welcometo"		=> "...to the chillyCMS admin interface!",
$l_core = array(
"lbl_404"		=> "The site you requested does not exist!",
"lbl_aonly"		=> "Admins only",
"lbl_uonly"		=> "Users only",
"msg_modupload_ok"	=> "The module has been uploaded",
"msg_unzip_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." unzipping file",
"msg_unzip_ok"		=> "The file has been unzipped",
"msg_modexists_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"].", module already exists",
"msg_modupload_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." uploading module ",
$l_log = array(
"lbl_login"		=> "Login",
"lbl_logout"		=> "Goodbye! Thank you for using chillyCMS",
"msg_inactive_err"	=> "Your account has been inactivated",
"msg_nobackend_err"	=> "You have no backend access",
"msg_pw_err"		=> "Wrong password",
"msg_sessionend"	=> "Your session has been closed.",
"msg_timeout1_err"	=> "You have been inactive for more than ",
"msg_timeout2_err"	=> " minute(s).",
"msg_uname_err"		=> "Wrong username",
"txt_javascript"	=> "Please activate Javascript!<br />Off course, you can use chillyCMS without Javascript,".
				"<br />but by doing so, you will miss some nice features...",
"txt_login"		=> "Please log in to use chillyCMS",
//Admin menu
$l_menu = array(
"lbl_content"		=> "Content",
"lbl_design"		=> "Design",
"lbl_logout"		=> "Logout",
"lbl_media"		=> "Media",
"lbl_modules"		=> "Modules",
"lbl_preview"		=> "Preview",
"lbl_settings"		=> "Settings",
"lbl_tools"		=> "Tools",
"lbl_usersgroups"	=> "Users",
$l_sett = array(
"lbl_advsett"		=> "Advanced Settings",
"lbl_author"		=> "Author",
"lbl_bestyle"		=> "Backendstyle",
"lbl_debug"		=> "Debug mode?",
"lbl_description"	=> "Description",
"lbl_email"		=> "E-mail",
"lbl_keywords"		=> "Keywords",
"lbl_language"		=> "Language",
"lbl_maxmd"		=> "Max menu depth",
"lbl_modrw"		=> "Use mod_rewrite?",
"lbl_offlmod"		=> "Offline mode",
"lbl_offlmsg"		=> "Offline message",
"lbl_pagetitle"		=> "Pagetitle",
"lbl_sesslt"		=> "Session Lifetime",
"lbl_showadv"		=> "Show advanced settings",
"lbl_sitesettings"	=> "Site settings",
"lbl_tblpf"		=> "Table prefix",
"lbl_uplft"		=> "Upload Filetypes",
"lbl_upllim"		=> "Upload Limit",
"msg_save_ok"		=> "Settings saved",
"msg_save_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." changing settings",
"tip_maxmd"		=> "Please enter a value between 1 and 5 (the less, the better)",
"tip_modrw"		=> "Before checking this, make sure your hosting service supports it!",
"tip_offlmsg"		=> "This message will be displayed only if the website is offline.",
"tip_sesslt"		=> "Lentgh of a session in seconds. Standard value: 900s = 15min",
"tip_tblpf"		=> "Table prefix for a shared database. Leave empty if you are not sure!",
"tip_upllim"		=> "Maximum size of a file that can be uploaded (in Bytes)",
$l_cont = array(
"lbl_addmenu"		=> "Add a new menu",
"lbl_admins"		=> "Admins",
"lbl_everybody"		=> "Everybody",
"lbl_genacc"		=> "General access",
"lbl_manage"		=> "Manage Content",
"lbl_newmenu"		=> "New menu",
"lbl_spacc"		=> "Special access",
"lbl_startpage"		=> "Startpage",
"lbl_users"		=> "Users",
"msg_access_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." changing general access",
"msg_access_ok"		=> "Changed general access",
"msg_act_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." activating item",
"msg_act_ok"		=> "Item activated",
"msg_chspage_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." changing startpage",
"msg_chspage_ok"	=> "Startpage changed",
"msg_del_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." deleting item",
"msg_del_ok"		=> "Item deleted",
"msg_delocc_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"].", item is not empty",
"msg_delsp_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"].": You can't delete the startpage",
"msg_inact_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." inactivating item",
"msg_inact_ok"		=> "Item inactivated",
"msg_inactsp_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"].": You can't inactivate the startpage",
"msg_move_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." moving item",
"msg_move_ok"		=> "Moved item",
"msg_movebot_err"	=> "Item is already at the last possible position",
"msg_movetop_err"	=> "Item is already at the topmost position",
"msg_newmenu_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." creating new Menu",
"msg_newmenu_ok"	=> "Created new Menu",
"msg_spinact_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"].". The startpage can't be inactive or have restricted access",
"msg_spnoright_err"	=> "You are not allowed to change the startpage",
"tip_adda"		=> "Add article below",
"tip_art"		=> "This is an article",
"tip_menu"		=> "This is a menu",
"tip_mod"		=> "This is a module",
"tip_startpage"		=> "Set as startpage",
"tip_switchacc"		=> "Switch general access",
"lbl_active"		=> "Active",
"lbl_cdisplay"		=> "Display options",
"lbl_created"		=> "Created",
"lbl_edited"		=> "Last edited",
"lbl_editor"		=> "Last editor",
"lbl_file"		=> "Insert download link",
"lbl_howto"		=> "Just drag and drop the item into your text",
"lbl_intlink"		=> "Insert internal link",
"lbl_pic"		=> "Insert picture",
"lbl_item"		=> "Item",
"lbl_modid"		=> "Moduletype",
"lbl_name"		=> "Name",
"lbl_parent"		=> "Parent item",
"lbl_showchildren"	=> "Show subarticles?",
"lbl_showthis"		=> "Show this article?",
"msg_nowrite"		=> "You have no write rights so you can not see all settings.",
"msg_save_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." saving item",
"msg_save_ok"		=> "Item saved",
"txt_edititem"		=> "Edit item",
"txt_newitem"		=> "New item",
$l_media = array(
"lbl_destination"	=> "Destination",
"lbl_newdir"		=> "Create new folder",
"lbl_preview"		=> "Preview:",
"lbl_unzip"		=> "Unzip here",
"lbl_upload"		=> "Upload file",
"msg_del_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." deleting",
"msg_deldir1_ok"	=> "Deleted folder: ",
"msg_deldir2_ok"	=> " including all contained files",
"msg_delfile_ok"	=> "Deleted file:",
"msg_direxists_err"	=> "name already exists!",
"msg_filesize_err"	=> "This file is too big. The upload size is limited to ",
"msg_mkdir_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." creating folder",
"msg_noacc_err"		=> "Access to destination folder denied!",
"msg_pathcreated1_ok"	=> "Path",
"msg_pathcreated2_ok"	=> "created!",
"msg_phpini_err"	=> "Please check your php.ini for",
"msg_unzip_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." creating folder for zip content",
"msg_upload_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." uploading file ",
"msg_upload1_ok"	=> "The file",
"msg_upload2_ok"	=> "has been uploaded!",
"msg_wrongtype_err"	=> "Wrong filetype! Allowed:",
"pop_deldir"		=> " will be deleted including all contents",
$l_mods = array(
"lbl_active"		=> "Active submodules",
"lbl_addmod"		=> "Add module",
"lbl_author"		=> $l_sett["lbl_author"],
'lbl_blacklist'		=> 'Show except on these pages',
"lbl_conddisplay"	=> "Conditional display",
"lbl_edit"		=> "Edit Module",
"lbl_installed"		=> "Installed modules",
"lbl_main"		=> "Mainmodule",
"lbl_modname"		=> "Modulename",
"lbl_name"		=> $l_edit["lbl_name"],
"lbl_order"		=> "Order",
"lbl_position"		=> "Position",
"lbl_sub"		=> "Submodule",
"lbl_type"		=> "Type",
"lbl_upload"		=> "Upload a new module",
"lbl_version"		=> "Version",
'lbl_whitelist'		=> 'Show only on these pages',
"msg_active_err"	=> "There are still 1 or more active instances",
"msg_activate_err"	=> "Error activating module",
"msg_activate_ok"	=> "Activated module",
"msg_cancel_err"	=> "Creating module canceled",
"msg_db_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." creating module database",
"msg_delcore_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"].": You can't delete a core module",
"msg_del_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." deleting module.",
"msg_del_ok"		=> "Module deleted",
"msg_inactivate_err"	=> "Error inactivating module",
"msg_inactivate_ok"	=> "Inactivated module",
"msg_invalid_err"	=> "This is not a valid module file",
"msg_owcore_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"].". This module would overwrite a core module",
"msg_save_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." saving module",
"msg_save_ok"		=> "Module saved successfully",
"txt_noinfo"		=> "The infofile is corrupt or missing!",
"txt_nospset"		=> "...do not exist for this module",
"txt_spset"		=> "Special module settings",
$l_des = array(
"lbl_author"		=> $l_sett["lbl_author"],
"lbl_name"		=> "Name",
"lbl_nopreview"		=> "No preview",
"lbl_pick"		=> "Pick a template",
"lbl_position"		=> "Positions",
"lbl_preview"		=> "Preview",
"lbl_version"		=> "Version",
"msg_activ_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." activating template",
"msg_activ_ok"		=> "Successfully activated template",
"msg_del_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." deleting template",
"msg_del_ok"		=> "Template deleted",
"msg_delact_err"	=> "You can't delete the active template",
"msg_exists_err"	=> "Template already exists",
"msg_invalid_err"	=> "This is not a valid template file",
"msg_upload_ok"		=> "Template uploaded",
"txt_upload"		=> "Upload a new template",
"tip_choose"		=> "Choose as active template",
$l_ugs = array(
"lbl_backend"		=> "Backend access",
"lbl_disabled"		=> "disabled",
"lbl_egroup"		=> "Edit group",
"lbl_enabled"		=> "enabled",
"lbl_euser"		=> "Edit user",
"lbl_groups"		=> "Groups",
"lbl_newuser"		=> "New user",
"lbl_newgroup"		=> "New group",
"lbl_users"		=> "Users",
"lbl_wright"		=> "Writing rights",
"msg_act_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." activating user",
"msg_act_ok"		=> "User activated",
"msg_dela_err"		=> "How dare you! Admin can't be deleted!",
"msg_delag_err"		=> "Admin group can't be deleted",
"msg_delug_err"		=> "User group can't be deleted",
"msg_delg_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." deleting group",
"msg_delg_ok"		=> "Group deleted successfully",
"msg_deloccg_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"].": group is not empty",
"msg_delu_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." deleting user",
"msg_delu_ok"		=> "User deleted successfully",
"msg_edit_err"		=> "You can't edit this group",
"msg_editau_err"	=> "You can't edit the rights of the user- or admingroup",
"msg_gdeldir_ok"	=> "Group deleted successfully but could not remove groupfolder.",
"msg_gnamechars_err"	=> "Groupname must not be empty and consist only of A-Z, a-z and 0-9",
"msg_gnameexists_err"	=> "Groupname already exists",
"msg_iadmin_err"	=> "How dare you! Admin can't be inactivated",
"msg_inact_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." inactivating user",
"msg_inact_ok"		=> "User inactivated",
"msg_mailexists_err"	=> "This e-Mail address already exists",
"msg_mkgerr1_ok"	=> "Group created successfully but could not create groupfolder.",
"msg_mkgerr2_ok"	=> "Group and folder created but menu creation failed",
"msg_mkgerr3_ok"	=> "Group created but folder and menu creation failed",
"msg_mkgerr4_ok"	=> "Group and menu created but menu module creation failed",
"msg_oldpw_err"		=> "Your old password was incorrect",
"msg_pwmatch_err"	=> "Passwords did not match",
"msg_rights_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." setting permissions",
"msg_sav_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." saving",
"msg_sav_ok"		=> "saved",
"msg_uexist_err"	=> "Username already exists",
"msg_unameempty_err"	=> "Username must not be empty",
"tip_admin"		=> "Admin",
"tip_user"		=> "User",
$l_uform = array(
"lbl_act"		=> "Active",
"lbl_email"		=> "E-mail",
"lbl_getnl"		=> "Get Newsletter?",
"lbl_group"		=> "Group",
"lbl_inact"		=> "Inactive",
"lbl_language"		=> $l_sett["lbl_language"],
"lbl_lastlog"		=> "Last login",
"lbl_logins"		=> "Logins",
"lbl_name"		=> "Full name",
"lbl_never"		=> "Never",
"lbl_pw"		=> "Password",
"lbl_pw2"		=> "Repeat password",
"lbl_pw3"		=> "Old password",
"lbl_special"		=> "Special group",
"lbl_status"		=> "Status",
"lbl_user"		=> "User",
"lbl_uname"		=> "Username",
$l_gform = array(
"lbl_adduser"		=> "Add user",
"lbl_admins"		=> "Admins",
"lbl_be"		=> "Backend",
"lbl_group"		=> "Group",
"lbl_kickout"		=> "Kick out",
"lbl_members"		=> "Members",
"lbl_mkgdir"		=> "Make group directory?",
"lbl_mkgmenu"		=> "Make group menu?",
"lbl_mod_dism"		=> "Dismiss as moderator",
"lbl_mod_app"		=> "Appoint as moderator",
"lbl_moderator"		=> "Moderator",
"lbl_moderators"	=> "Moderators",
"lbl_name"		=> "Groupname",
"lbl_read"		=> "Read",
"lbl_write"		=> "Write",
"msg_addu_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." adding user to group",
"msg_addu_ok"		=> "The user was added to the group",
"msg_chmod_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." changing moderator",
"msg_chmod_ok"		=> "Moderator changed",
"msg_kickout_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." kicking out the user",
"msg_kickout_ok"	=> "The user was kicked out",
$l_tools = array(
"lbl_amount"		=> "Amount",
"lbl_backup"		=> "Backup",
"lbl_backupnow"		=> "Backup now",
"lbl_browser"		=> "Browser",
"lbl_browsers"		=> "Most popular browsers",
"lbl_countries"		=> "Most visiting countries",
"lbl_country"		=> "Country",
"lbl_date"		=> "Date",
"lbl_feedback"		=> "Current feedback",
"lbl_feedbacknum"	=> "Number of feedbacks: ",
"lbl_filesize"		=> "Filesize",
"lbl_from"		=> "From:",
"lbl_managebus"		=> "Manage backups",
"lbl_message"		=> "Message:",
"lbl_name"		=> $l_edit["lbl_name"],
"lbl_neg"		=> "Negative",
"lbl_newsletter"	=> "Newsletter",
"lbl_nofbyet"		=> "There is no feedback, yet.",
"lbl_noupdate"		=> "You're using the newest version of chillyCMS",
"lbl_os"		=> "Operating System",
"lbl_oss"		=> "Most popular operating systems",
"lbl_percent"		=> "Percent",
"lbl_pos"		=> "Positive",
"lbl_sendnl"		=> "Send",
"lbl_stats"		=> "Statistics",
"lbl_subject"		=> "Subject:",
"lbl_to"		=> "To:",
"lbl_top10a"		=> "Top 10 articles",
"lbl_top10u"		=> "Top 10 most active users",
"lbl_update"		=> "Update",
"lbl_updatenow"		=> "Update now!",
"lbl_views"		=> "Views",
"lbl_visits"		=> "Total visits to the page",
"msg_accessbu"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." writing backup, please check your permissions",
"msg_backup_err"	=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." writing backup",
"msg_backup_ok"		=> "Backup created",
"msg_copy_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." copying backup template",
"msg_curl"		=> "To use the update tool chillyCMS needs the PHP-extension &quot;cURL&quot;. 
			Please consult your Hosting Service.",
"msg_delbu_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." deleting backup",
"msg_delbu_ok"		=> "Deleted backup",
"msg_found1"		=> "1 update has been found",
"msg_foundmore"		=> " updates have been found",
"msg_nl_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." sending newsletter",
"msg_nl_ok"		=> "The newsletter has been sent",
"msg_reset_err"		=> $l_gen["lbl_error"]." resetting statistics",
"msg_reset_ok"		=> "The statistics have been reset",
"msg_update_ok"		=> "Update successful",
"msg_update_err"	=> "Error while updating, please try again!",
$l_ctr = array(
"ALB"	=>"Albania",	"ALG"	=>"Algeria",	"AR"	=>"Arabia",	"ARG"	=>"Argentina",	"ARM"	=>"Armenia",
"ASS"	=>"Assam",	"AU"	=>"Austria",	"AUS"	=>"Australia",	"BAH"	=>"Bahrain",	"BAS"	=>"Basque Country",
"BE"	=>"Belgium",	"BEL"	=>"Belarus",	"BLZ"	=>"Belize",	"BEN"	=>"Bengal",	"BG"	=>"Bulgaria",
"BOL"	=>"Bolivia",	"BOT"	=>"Botswana",	"BR"	=>"Brazil",	"CAN"	=>"Canada",	"CAR"	=>"Caribbean",
"CAT"	=>"Catalunya",	"CH"	=>"Switzerland","CHI"	=>"Chile",	"CN"	=>"China",	"COL"	=>"Colombia",
"COR"	=>"Costa Rica",	"CZ"	=>"Czech Republic","DE"	=>"Germany",	"DK"	=>"Denmark",	"DOM"	=>"Dominican Republic",
"E"	=>"Spain",	"EA"	=>"East Africa","ECU"	=>"Ecuador",	"EGY"	=>"Egypt",	"EST"	=>"Estonia",
"FAE"	=>"Faeroese",	"FIN"	=>"Finland",	"FR"	=>"France",	"GEO"	=>"Georgia",	"GR"	=>"Greece",
"GUA"	=>"Guatemala",	"HK"	=>"Hong Kong",	"HON"	=>"Honduras",	"HR"	=>"Croatia",	"HU"	=>"Hungary",
"ICE"	=>"Iceland",	"IN"	=>"India",	"IND"	=>"Indonesia",	"IRL"	=>"Ireland",	"IRN"	=>"Iran",
"IRQ"	=>"Iraq",	"ISR"	=>"Israel",	"IT"	=>"Italy",	"JAM"	=>"Jamaica",	"JAP"	=>"Japan",
"JOR"	=>"Jordan",	"KIR"	=>"Kirgizia",	"KOR"	=>"Korea",	"KUW"	=>"Kuwait",	"KZS"	=>"Kazakhstan",
"LAP"	=>"Lapland",	"LAT"	=>"Latvia",	"LEB"	=>"Lebanon",	"LIB"	=>"Libya",	"LIE"	=>"Liechtenstein",
"LIT"	=>"Lithuania",	"LUX"	=>"Luxembourg",	"MAC"	=>"Macau",	"MAK"	=>"Macedonia",	"MAL"	=>"Malaysia",
"MALE"	=>"Maledives",	"MALT"	=>"Malta",	"MAR"	=>"Morocco",	"MOL"	=>"Moldova",	"MON"	=>"Monaco",
"MONG"	=>"Mongolia",	"MX"	=>"Mexico",	"NEP"	=>"Nepal",	"NIC"	=>"Nicaragua",	"NL"	=>"Netherlands",
"NOR"	=>"Norway",	"NZ"	=>"New Zealand","OM"	=>"Oman",	"PAK"	=>"Pakistan",	"PAN"	=>"Panama",
"PAR"	=>"Paraguay",	"PER"	=>"Persia",	"PHI"	=>"Philippines","PL"	=>"Poland",	"PTG"	=>"Portugal",
"PUE"	=>"Puerto Rico","PRU"	=>"Peru",	"QAT"	=>"Qatar",	"RO"	=>"Romania",	"RU"	=>"Russia",
"SA"	=>"Saudi Arabia","SAL"	=>"El Salvador","SCO"	=>"Scotland",	"SER"	=>"Serbia",	"SIN"	=>"Singapore",
"SLA"	=>"Slovakia",	"SLE"	=>"Slovenia",	"SWE"	=>"Sweden",	"SYR"	=>"Syria",	"TAI"	=>"Taiwan",
"THA"	=>"Thailand",	"TR"	=>"Turkey",	"TRI"	=>"Trinidad",	"TUN"	=>"Tunisia",	"UAE"	=>"United Arabic Emirates",
"UK"	=>"United Kingdom","UKR"=>"Ukraine",	"URU"	=>"Uruguay",	"USA"	=>"United States","UZB"	=>"Uzbekistan",
"VEN"	=>"Venezuela",	"VI"	=>"Vietnam",	"YEM"	=>"Yemen",	"ZA"	=>"South Africa","ZIM"	=>"Zimbabwe",
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