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defined('DOIT') or die('Restricted access');

"lbl_adminset"		=> "2: Admin Settings",
"lbl_admintxt"		=> "You need to set up an admin account to log in to the backend",
"lbl_author"		=> "Author",
"lbl_authorst"		=> "Administrator",
"lbl_back"		=> "Back",
"lbl_complete"		=> "Installation complete!",
"lbl_completetxt"	=> "Congratulations, you just have completed the chillyCMS installation.",
"lbl_dbhost"		=> "Host",
"lbl_dbname"		=> "Database name",
"lbl_dbpw"		=> "Database password",
"lbl_dbset"		=> "1: Database Settings",
"lbl_dbtxt"		=> "You need to tell chillyCMS where your database is located.",
"lbl_dbuser"		=> "Database user",
"lbl_desc"		=> "Description",
"lbl_descst"		=> "This is my first Website. It is made with chillyCMS. Please come in!",
"lbl_email"		=> "E-Mail",
"lbl_emailst"		=> "hide@address.com",
"lbl_finish"		=> "Finish",
"lbl_installation"	=> "chillyCMS Installation",
"lbl_keywords"		=> "Keywords",
"lbl_keywordsst"	=> "Homepage, private, chillyCMS",
"lbl_lang"		=> "Language",
"lbl_langtxt"		=> "Please choose your language for the installation routine:",
"lbl_pw"		=> "Password",
"lbl_rname"		=> "Real name",
"lbl_sitelang"		=> "Site language",
"lbl_sitename"		=> "Sitename",
"lbl_sitenamest"	=> "My Website",
"lbl_siteset"		=> "3 (optional): Site Settings",
"lbl_sitetxt"		=> "You can leave the standard info in here and change it later if you wish.",
"lbl_step"		=> "Step",
"lbl_tobackend"		=> "Go to the chillyCMS backend",
"lbl_tostep"		=> "To step ",
"lbl_uname"		=> "Username",
"lbl_welcome"		=> "Welcome",
"lbl_welcometxt"	=> "Welcome to the chillyCMS installation!",
"msg_admin_err"		=> "Error creating admin. Please try again.",
"msg_admin_ok"		=> "The admin user was created.",
"msg_amail_hint"	=> "Admin's e-mail address. Must have at least 6 characters (hide@address.com).",
"msg_aname_hint"	=> "Admin's real name. Must have at least 3 characters (A-Z,0-9).",
"msg_apw_hint"		=> "Admin's password. Must have at least 3 characters.",
"msg_auser_hint"	=> "Admin's login name. Must have at least 3 characters (A-Z,0-9).",
"msg_cfg_err"		=> "Error creating config file. Do you have the permission?",
"msg_db_err"		=> "Error creating database. Please try again",
'msg_db_ok'		=> 'The database has been created',
"msg_dbhost_err"	=> "Wrong database server (usually \"localhost\") or...",
"msg_dbname_err"	=> "Wrong database name",
"msg_dbpw_err"		=> "...wrong database password",
"msg_dbuser_err"	=> "...wrong database user or...",
"msg_permissions"	=> "Error setting file permissions. Please make sure config.php and /installation-folder are writable!",
"msg_siteinfo_err"	=> "Error saving site info. Please try again",
'txt_patient'		=> 'This step can take up to 30 seconds, so please be patient and do not refresh the page.',
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