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Here are all files that make the admin interface.
.site.php files are files that can be seen in a browser,
.include.php files contain only functions that are
called in the .site.php files.

That's where the backups and the backup utility are kept.

This folder contains the basic functions of the cms and
the classes that are used. The index.php is the MainPage.

This folder contains the installation routine and is to
be deleted when the installation is complete.

Here are the language files that contain arrays with
strings. The name is always the languages' short form.

This folder contains all media (images, files) uploaded
by the User(s).

Each subfolder represents a module that adds functions
to the cms, which are not included by default.

This folder is for all Javascripts

The CSS subfolder contains stylesheets, the images folder
contains all images needed by the cms admin interface.

This directory is for frontend template files.

The temporary directory for various file operations.

This directory belongs to a not yet completed update feature.
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