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Version 1.08 (2006-03-21)
	Fixed so external plugins can be loaded with the loadPlugin call.
	Fixed so it handles the x-gzip encoding correctly.
Version 1.07 (2006-02-13)
	Added fix for older PHP versions, contributed by Markus (kills).
	Fixed bug with multiple inits of TinyMCE.
	Fixed bug with Opera, accept-encoding needed to be trimmed from whitespace.
	Fixed so it uses the DOMContentLoaded on Gecko and Opera.
Version 1.06 (2005-12-29)
	Added new disk cache support, this option will reduce the CPU load on the server.
	Added new debug option, this enables you to see the compression ratio of cached files and where they are stored.
	Fixed possible XSS vulnerability, reported by Stefan Esser (www.hardened-php.net).
Version 1.05 (2005-12-27)
	Added trim() around plugin names, in case anyone uses plugin1, plugin2 , plugin3 kind of string for plugins.
	Fixed possible vulnerability with path access, reported by Stefan Esser (www.hardened-php.net).
Version 1.04 (2005-12-01)
	Fixed issue with zlib.output_compression option, contributed by Jami Pekkanen.
Version 1.03 (2005-11-14)
	Fixed issue with Northon Internet Securities.
	Fixed compatiblity issues with various systems that uses cookies for language.
Version 1.02 (2005-10-18)14/11/2005
	Added fix to resolve issues with proxy servers, it now returns a "Vary: Accept-Encoding" header.
	Fixed so it automaticly detects if clients or servers doesn't support gzip compression (streams uncompressed).
Version 1.01 (2005-09-26)
	Fixed multiple init call issues, multiple init calls can now be used aswell.
Version 1.0 (2005-09-12)
	First official release as a stand alone application.
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