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ChiCoMaS - Chilek Content Management System

Please refer the ChiCoMaS web site : http://www.chicomas.com

or try below steps.

1.)Download the latest version of ChiCoMaS from http://www.chicomas.com

2.)ChiCoMaS needs to run PHP and MYSQL application on your web server. If it is not working, check your PHP and MYSQL applications on your server.

3.)Extract the .zip or .tar.gz file to the web server directory (htdocs).

	For example;
	tar xf chicomas-2.0.tar.gz

4.)Change the directory mode to 777.

	For example;
	chmod 777 chicomas/

5.)Go to the web browser and browse the chicomas.

	For example;

6.)Installation script will be run if there is no valid installation.

7.)Installation needs some informations about your database name, password etc. If everything is OK,
your CMS will be working.

8.)Dont forget to delete install/ directory on your web server.
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