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---------------------[KS Multi Avatar Script]---------------------


 - 1. Brief License Statement.
 - 2. Contained Files
 - 3. Description
 - 4. Requirements
 - 5. Changelog
 - 6. Installation
 - 7. Privacy
 - 8. Special information about current version
 - 9. Special Thanks to
 - 10. Contact
 - 11. What we have in mind

1. Brief License Statement:

    Copyright (C) 2004, Roger Vilaseca

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

2. Contained Files:

    /README.TXT ___________________Contains important information
    /setup.php_______________________________________Setup script

3. Description:

KSMAS: KeyStorm Multi Avatar Script
KSMAS is a PHP-based script that allows an easy managment of rotating/random images. This can be used as a random image for your personal or professional website or as dynamic avatar for your favorite board.
SInce it is completely web-based you won't need to upload your images manually through FTP and have to modify the code to make the avatars work. KSMAS doeas the hard work! you just need to set up the images you want to be shown in an eye-candy manager and KSMAS will do the hard work for you!

4. Requirements:

- Apache v1 or above
- PHP v4.20 or above

5. Changelog:

v1.0 RC2:
- FIXED Settings apply immediately after saving them
- FIXED Free Slots and Close Gaps for single user
- IMPROVED Evil POST streams protection and outside access to KSMAS
- ADDED Upgrader to setup script
- FIXED 404 on single user image showing
- ADDED Footer
- FIXED Compatibility issue that blocked usage and prompted 'Not Found' errors on PHP<5 (misdocumentation of PHP)
- PHP version requirement changed to PHP v4.20

v1.0 RC1:
- ADDED Setup Assistant (running under PHP's "user" to homogenize ownership of the files)
- ADDED Setup modes (single user/multiple users)
- FIXED Style and header images while uninstalling.
- ADDED Dialog for when setup.php is found in the right place allowing to delete it or to uninstall KSMAS directly.
- ADDED Block when the foldername (./KSMAS/) has been changed and option to change it back
- ADDED Emulation of Apache's 404 in-bound error output
- ADDED Settings panel for global and personal adjustments at multiple user levels
- FIXED Repeted file(name)s causing failures
- ADDED Detection and automatic management of duplicated files
- ADDED PARTIALLY New header image.
- ADDED Change option from single to multiple users after installation.
- FIXED minor typos and bugs from 0.3
- ADDED Protection from external host's POST streams

v0.3 BETA:
- ADDED Allowance for multiple accounts
- ADDED Administrator account
- ADDED Administrator control panel for adding and deleting accounts
- ADDED Account activation system
- FIXED Access modes of files (CHMOD values) to allow a manual deletion
- ADDED Embedded uninstaller in the same setup script (with assistant for running itself as PHP and not as the owner of the file)
- CHANGED File splitted into several inc.php files (stored in folder include)
- ADDED URI format for viewing the dynamic image: masking the .php for boards not allowing PHPs as avatars (index.php/username.png)
- ADDED URI format for viewing the dynamic image: index.php/username
- ADDED Logout button
- CHANGED File system: a folder is cretaed for every user to store their images
- ADDED Refresh link for the image manager
- DISCARTED Log-in block
- DISCARTED Access log
- FIXED Coffee-machine, this is the main reason of this massive update

v0.2 BETA and below:
- ADDED Installer
- ADDED Login system with access-log and temporary blocking
- ADDED HTML interface for managing images

0.2 BETA:
- ADDED GFX improvements by Leito.gt
- ADDED manager URL bookmark for Internet Explorer and the URL in plain text.

0.1 BETA silent rebuild:
- FIXED Compatibility issues with PHP < v4.20
- Minor Readme fixes

0.1 BETA:
- ADDED many other things you probably don't want to know.

6.1. Installation:

KSMAS does not require any manual installation. You just have to place the file setup.php wherever you want to install the package on your server or hosting account using your FTP client. 
Then pick your browser and open the file. The setup script will create a folder called "KSMAS" in the seame place you put the setup.php script and will store in there all the files needed to run KSMAS (this means you don't need to create a folder called 'avatars' or something alike).
You have to carefully follow all steps. When the installation is finished, KSMAS will try to delete the setup script automatically. If this doesn't happen, you will be asked to remove it manually, since it could affect the proper execution of the KSMAS.

6.2. Uninstallation:
To uninstall KSMAS you may use the file setup.php again. Just place it in the same folder where KSMAS is located in -on the server-, log into KSMAS as you would normally do and follow indications. You may also remove all files using your desired FTP-client manually.

7. Privacy:

KSMAS protects your image set with the password you type during the setup. This way you will prevent occasional intruders and you will aviod that your files are used by anyone else by hiding their filenames.
All passwords -administrator's and users'- are stored hashed, never as plain text. So it's impossible for anyone to access any password, but that also means that they cannot be recovered once lost. Be careful with your passwords.
As admin you don't need to set up a user name. You only have to specify the admin password in the authentication dialog and you're done.

8. Special information about current version

This is v1.0 Release Candidate 1. If no bug is found in this version, it can be considered as the final 1.0 version. However, and by experience, this hardly ever happens. And some minor bugs may be found. Be careful when you use KSMAS and report any malfunction found in it.
Consider this software BETA.

Other BETA releases are expected to work in a stable way and with a minimal completeness. But it is suposed to be a testing release to see if everything works all right and which features are (not) needed.

9. Special thanks to:

- Leito.gt, who created the base of the GUI and is helping a lot with research and promotion
- Messenger Plus! board staff for letting me use their board for beta-testing.
- Pre-release testers: Chrono, Ipab Atokanniv, Peri, Omar, leejeffery, XxRebelSeanxX, lopardo, leito.gt, atownjoe, wu_tang.

10. Contact:

KSMAS Project site:
http://ksmas.sf.net (under construction)

11. What we have in mind:

- The most requested feature is the multi user system that might be added before the final release. (Hey, we did it!)
- PHP masking for sites blocking php as images (htaccess redirection).  (Hey, we did it!)
- Hybrid installation for single account usage. (We did that again!)
- Integration to any website or board with little coding (phpBB and other famous forums would be included by default in order to integrate them)
- A register mode for user to regtister themselves.
- And surely many other things you don't need to know... yet ;)
- Config Panel
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