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<commands version="1.0">
  <summary>Build PECL Package</summary>
    <doc>Do not gzip the package file</doc>
    <doc>Print the name of the packaged file.</doc>
Creates a PECL package from its package2.xml file.

An automatic conversion will be made to a package.xml 1.0 and written out to
disk in the current directory as &quot;package.xml&quot;.  Note that
only simple package.xml 2.0 will be converted.  package.xml 2.0 with:

 - dependency types other than required/optional PECL package/ext/php/pearinstaller
 - more than one extsrcrelease or zendextsrcrelease
 - zendextbinrelease, extbinrelease, phprelease, or bundle release type
 - dependency groups
 - ignore tags in release filelist
 - tasks other than replace
 - custom roles

will cause pickle to fail, and output an error message.  If your package2.xml
uses any of these features, you are best off using PEAR_PackageFileManager to
generate both package.xml.
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