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:: MyCTS Website Installation Guide ::

author: Harm Kolk ( hide@address.com )

* webserver with PHP
* mysql
* browser
* the PHP-PEAR database classes. (normally comes with php )

Step 1:
Make sure your database contains the mycts database dump.
in case thats not the case, download the database dump from the following 
location: http://mycts.sf.net/db_dump.sql and execute it.

Step 2:
Rename config.php.tmp in the includes dir to config.php, andedit the 
following options:
*  mysql_host:
   Enter the hostname or IP for the database server.

*  mysql_user:
   Enter the username for the database server.

*  mysql_pass:
   Enter the password for the database server.

*  mysql_host:
   Enter the database name where the mycts tables are stored.

Step 3:
go to the url where the mycts website is running, and login as user root, 
with password 'rootpassword' (without the qoutes). CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!
this is the user that has root login !

Step 4:
go to <your_mycts_website_url>/admin.php while being logged in as root, 
and edit the options there. I suggest you also run the language pack 
update, in case there are newly released languagepacks.

Step 5:
go to projectadmin and add the 1st project

Step 6:
there is no step 6. Its that eezy.

Grtz, Lyon

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