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//Rename this file to config.inc.php
	$config = array();
	$config['base_url'] = ""; //no trailing slash
	$config['base_dir'] = "/var/www/htdocs/yourname/warehouse"; //no trailing slash

	$config['db_host'] = "localhost"; //hostname of your database server
	$config['db_name'] = "warehouse"; //database name
	$config['db_user'] = "kept empty for security"; //database user
	$config['db_password'] = "kept empty for security"; //database user's password

	$config['app_name'] = "Warehouse System"; //application name to appear in various places like, for example, in the main bar
	$config['app_titlebar'] = "Warehouse System"; //the text that appears in the top bar of the browser window

  $config['app_version'] = "1.0.3";  //application version DO NOT CHANGE
  $config['app_release'] = "11 October 2004"; //application release data DO NOT CHANGE

  $config['phpmyadmin_path'] = "http://localhost/phpmyadmin/"; //path to phpmyadmin for DB administration link;
	 																														//leave blank to disable funtion

	$config['show_intro'] = 1; /* whether or not to show the flash movie on the login page. 1 = to show (default), 0 to not show */

	$config['backup_temp_dir'] = "/tmp"; /*set the TEMPORARY directory where backup files will be created. No trailing slash. This directory should be writable and readable by the webserver user. The default /tmp should be safe for most *NIX systems.*/

	$config['enable_shutdown'] = 0; // 1 = to enable shutting down server, 0 = to disable shutdown
	$config['enable_reboot'] = 0; // 1 = to enable rebooting server, 0 = to disable reboot
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