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<title>CafePress Store: Stores</title>
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<h3><img src="../../images/pbcp.gif" align=right>CafePress Store: Stores</h3>
<b>Jump Menu:</b><br>
The top box shows you a drop down menu with options for navigating the CafePress
Store section.
<b>Edit/Delete Stores:</b><br>
Here is where you can choose to edit or delete a store, but remember you cannot
delete a store with products.<br>
<b>Add Store:</b><br>
<b>You must have a store defined to add a product.</b><br>
If you do not have a store, you must head over to CafePress and set one up...
but ask that you use one of the links in my module to do so, they have a
referral program that would really help me out! Thanks!<br>
After you have your store defined in your CafePress account you can add it here,
store name/account is where you put the store's name ie:
htt://www.cafepress.com/rastafari would bring you to my store, so I would enter
'rastafari' in this box. The next box is where you put in the visible name, it
could just be a bit more descriptive than your store name... what I typically do
is create a store for each line of products, then give this the name of my line.
And finnally you can add a description, but I haven't really found a use for
this yet, so you won't see it anywhere else... maybe just make a little note
about the store there or something?

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