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<title>CafePress Store: Products</title>
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<h3><img src="../../images/pbcp.gif" align=right>CafePress Store: Products</h3>
<b>Jump Menu:</b><br>
The top box shows you a drop down menu with options for navigating the CafePress
Store section.
<b>Product Edit/Delete:</b><br>
Here is where you can choose to edit or delete current products.<br>
<b>Add Product:</b><br>
<b>!! You must have a store defined to add a product. !!</b><br>
<b>!! You must have at least one image defined on your product, and set the side
of the product with the image as the default side. !!</b><br>
If you have a store, then you must use CafePress's admin area to add products to
it, then copy the item numbers from there. Do not make up item numbers, as it
will only frustrate your customers :).<br><br>
After you have your items defined in your CafePress account you can add them
here, item number goes in the top box, the name of your item in the second box,
product type in the third and the charge (as shown/selected on CafePress) in the
fourth box. In the Description box you may add a description up to 255
charactors long, but it is not required.
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