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//Global Lang File.

$LANG['addcomment']		=		"Leave a Comment";
$LANG['entercomment']	=		"Enter Comment Text Below";
$LANG['name']			=		"Name";
$LANG['name_desc']		=		"This will be diplayed as your name";
$LANG['email']			=		"E-Mail";
$LANG['email_desc']		=		"You MUST use a valid E-Mail address. A confirmation link will be sent to this address.";
$LANG['help']			=		"Help!";
$LANG['submit']			=		"Submit!";
$LANG['login']			=		"Login";
$LANG['pass']			=		"Pass";
$LANG['banned']			=		"You do not have Permission to post comments to this Guestbook";
$LANG['invalidemail']	=		"Invalid E-Mail Address";

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