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=  Butterfly Mailer Log | Date: 05.04.2008 | Time: 01:13:03  =
The log file "log/emailer.txt" was opened successfully.
The e-mail messages will be sent in plain text format.
No input found in the "special path" field. Skipping.

Trying to open the address file "lists/address01.txt".
The address file "lists/address01.txt" was found.
The address file "lists/address01.txt" was opened successfully.
Trying to read the addressfile "lists/address01.txt" ...

Sending a confirmation E-Mail to "hide@address.com" ...
This E-Mail could not be sent!

The addressfile "lists/address01.txt" was closed successfully!
Status: 0 E-Mails were sent!

The job has completed in 0 minutes and 4 seconds!
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