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2.0.0 BETA1 - 12.03.2008

Added table striping for rows using jQuery
Added textarea autogrow function using jQuery
Added 'last modified date' for accounts/categories (extract last account modification in a certain category)
Added number of active/inactive categories right next to total number of categories (for accesibility)
Added .mailr
Added contacts manager
Added a basic installer
Added a basic password strength check on account add
Added 'http' to input field on account add (for accessibility)

Fixed 2 missing <tr> from main table
Fixed an error in TODO manager field length

Changed SQL charset to utf-8
Switched "delete/rename" in categories
Switched "edit/delete" in accounts
Categories may now contain spaces

Removed sorting function as it was redundant - the extraction from database is alphabetical
Removed readme.txt textarea in about.php
Removed links to docs in about.php
Removed a 1.6.8 debug message in site rename routine
Removed calendar from 1.6.8 because, without possibility to add tasks, it was pretty useless - it was a copy of Windows Time/Date feature
Removed tooltip features
Removed datain.php and moved the add account to input.php (got rid of 1 file)
Removed reference from showing up in accounts preview

1.6.8 - 24.03.2008

Added calendar
Removed an error reporting routine '@' from a mysql query
Fixed some HTML issues

1.6.7 - 16.03.2008

Added 'Edit' option to account display screen (just before the 'Back to categories' options)
Added 2 more icons
Added 'alt' and 'title' description to several icons
Improved several aspects of PHP database extraction
Fixed erroneus behaviour of missing 'echo' declarations
Fixed 'undefined constant id' errors
Fixed 'undefined index' errors
Fixed 'about' page where the readme.txt file would not load due to not sanitizing the file content
Fixed renaming of categories
Fixed editing of accounts
Removed all short tags

1.6.6 - 08.03.2008
Properly licensed the source code
Fixed 'register_globals' issues being OFF in PHP5
Fixed some forgotten short tags not compatible with some server configurations
Removes some'@' error display in PHP code

1.6.2 - 26.01.2008
Removed some CSS styles
Removed some unnecesary functions
Cleaned up source code
Added tooltips
Fixed some (OK, I admit it) ugly XHTML rendering errors
The code now validates as XHTML

1.6.1 - 10.01.2008
New TODO Manager (AJAX enhanced)
Excluded tables are now available in the settings file

1.6.0 - 02.01.2008
Added a new function 'rename' for categories
Added link behaviour to account name
Added confirmation before deleting a category
Added confirmation before deleting an account
Changed theme based on "granny smith apple" by Adobe Labs.
Parts of the code have been commented (beautified)

1.5.2 - 05.12.2007
Added new variable '$org_codename' in includes/settings.php
Added an image as header background in top.php
Fixed email sender (CSS and labels instead of tables)
Fixed the install.php screentext
Decluttered the source code
Tweaked some interface elements (still some more to go in the future versions)

1.5.1 - 11.11.2007
Added sorting function for sites
Added a table exclusion function for additional tables
Added new variable options to control panel
Fixed some source errors
Corrected and updated readme.txt file
Added an alpha version of TODO manager (functional but in feedback mode)

1.5 - 01.10.2007
Fixed a typo in the footer ("All Rights Reserved" instead of "All Right Reserved")
Added Organizer ownership (see footer)
Added Control Panel
Altered SQL database

1.5 RC1 - 25.09.2007
Complete user interface modifications (based on Minimalist theme; the GUI is now consistent)
Rebranding (new "B" logo)
No more structural changes from now on (hopefully)
Removed unnecesary page elements
Removed update manager
Removed calendar

1.5 BETA - 12.09.2007
Added current date widget
Added TODO manager
Added email sender
Added a BETA update manager
Script structure is now 80% modular
Added themes support
Changed some graphic elements
Several source bug fixes

1.1 - 16.08.2007
Added calendar widget

1.0 - 01.08.2007
First release
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