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<h1>Documentation for BugIn' 0.61</h1>

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<li><a href="#What_is_BugIn">What is BugIn'?</a></li>

<li><a href="#Features">What is BugIn'?</a></li>

<li><a href="#Installation">Installation</a></li>

<li class="c1">
<li>Installation FAQ<br />

<li><a href="#Customization">Customization</a></li>

<li><a href="#Structure">Structure</a><br />

<li><a href="#Helping_Out">Helping Out</a></li>

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<h2><a id="What_is_BugIn" name="What_is_BugIn"></a>What is BugIn'?</h2>

BugIn' is a PHP4.1/MySQL-powered bug/issue tracking database. It is intended to be powerful, but lightweight enough that it doesn't need constant modification or a full-time DB administrator. It features easy configuration/customization of variables through the DB, user-level/group ability to see/modify tickets, and ticket notification through e-mail.   It's licensed under the BSD licence, which lets you really do whatever you wish with it.<br />
<br />
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<h2><a id="Features" name="Features"></a>Features</h2>

<li>Built-in web admin interface for quick and easy configuration</li>

<li>ACL system based upon groups &amp; projects</li>

<li>E-Mail Notification (via templating)</li>

<li>LDAP authentication (Exchange, Active Directory) with backup authentication database<br />
<ol type="i">
<li>Automatically authenticates and creates user accounts</li>

<li>caches logins if ldap server is down</li>

<li>updates information from ldap source (phone number, full name, etc)</li>

<li>Simple reporting tool</li>

<li>Optional frames interface</li>

<li>Database Abstraction using ADODB (Only tested with MySQL, but capable of bneing used with pgsql, oracle, csv, interbase, db2)</li>

<li>Relational database structure (tables for users, groups, projects, tickets, modifications, categories, status, acls)</li>

<li>e-mail tracking (can accept e-mail replies)</li>

<li>Uses PHP 4.1.0's input security fratures (<a href="http://www.php.net/release_4_1_0.php">http://www.php.net/release_4_1_0.php</a></li>

<li>Update status page (shows updated changes to the system by time)</li>

<li>Most strings are templated, so most every phrase can be rephrased.</li>

<li>Search Interface.</li>

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<h2><a id="Installation" name="Installation"></a>Installation</h2>

This is ripped right from the INSTALL doc, so it may be out-of-date.
Since no one maintains docs, this is the first fly.<br />
<h3>New Install</h3>

<ol type="1">
<li>Make a database. For this example, we will call it "bugin"
 mysqladmin -u root -p create bugin</li>
<li>Now that you have your DB, insert the tables found in mysql.sql
 mysql -u root -p bugin &lt; mysql.sql</li>
<li>Go into ~bugin/conf and copy config.inc.php to config.local.php</li>
4. Edit config.local.inc to match your preferences/system set-up. All<br />
 variables in config.local.inc override what's in config.inc.php, so you only<br />
 need to maintain the variables that you don't want to set to the default.<br />
<br />
 Really, you should only *need* to set the following:<br />
<br />
 <span class="c2">// DB stuffs.</span><br />
 <span class="c2">$dbHost = "localhost";</span><br />
 <span class="c2">$dbUser = "root";</span><br />
 <span class="c2">$dbPass = "password";</span><br />
 <span class="c2">$dbName = "bugin";</span><br />
<br />
 and possibly:<br />
<br />
 <span class="c2">$options['baseURL'] = "/bugin/";</span><br />
 <span class="c2">$options['language'] = "en";</span><br />
<br />
 Most of the other options can be configured in the DB through the admin<br />
 interface.<br />
<br />
 *IMPORTANT* config.local.php should ONLY contain variables that differ from<br />
 the default config.inc.php, and should not be a copy of config.inc.php. <br />
 The reason for this is so when a new release is out, you can literally<br />
 extract the new archive over the old one.<br />
<br />
 For testing purposes, you may want to set <span class="c2">$debug</span> to <span class="c2">1</span> in your script. This<br />
 will help you understand what the system is doing when you run into errors.<br />
<li>Log in as the admin user (Username: admin Password: admin)</li>
<li>Change the admin password!</li>
<li>Go into "Options" and configure everything there.</li>


To upgrade, just extract the files and copy them over the old files.  Since all of the custom configuration is in config.local.inc, you should be ok.<br />
<br />
You'll also need to load the table diffs. (mysql-&lt;oldversion&gt;-&lt;newversion&gt;.sql)<br />
 <span class="c2">mysql -u root -p bugin &lt; mysql-0.01-0.02.sql</span><br />
<br />
<br />
*** SPECIAL NOTE ***<br />
v0.05-beta and above has a new config syntax. Also, a lot of the veriables will be set in the database when you go to the options admin.<br />
<br />
To upgrade your existing config, take a look at <span class="c2">config.inc.php</span> vs. your <span class="c2">config.local.php</span> and merge the changes.  This will let you get to the admin interface which lets you set just about<br />
everything else.<br />
<br />
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<h2><a id="Customization" name="Customization"></a>Customization</h2>

This will describe the customization options.<br />
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<h2><a id="Structure" name="Structure"></a>Structure</h2>

This will describe the directory structure<br />
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<h2><a id="Helping_Out" name="Helping_Out"></a>Helping Out</h2>

If you wish to contribute to this project, write the documentation.  =P<br />
<br />
Just kidding...  sorta...  Go to the main website at <a href="http://notgod.com/?area=projects">http://notgod.com/?area=projects</a>.  This site contains all the info on all things bugin.  Look at the forum at <a href="http://notgod.com/phorum/">http://notgod.com/phorum/</a>. <br />
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<h2><br />

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