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 * This is the email template file for: english.

// Notification stuffs

// New user info page (for auto-signup)
$options['signupEmailTemplate'] = <<<EOT
An account has been created for you in the {$options['systemName']}
ticket tracking system.

Username: %UNAME%
Password: %PASS%

You can sign into the system at:


// Notification-Template
$options['notificationTemplate'] = <<<EOT

%TICKET_NAME% #%NUM% has been %ACTION%.
Description: %DESC%

{$verbage['modification']}: %MOD_BY%

You can view this ticket at
on the %SYSTEM_NAME% system.


// Subject for e-mails...
$options['notificationSubjectTemplate'] = "Ticket #%NUM% has been %ACTION% (%DESC%) {TRACK:%NUM%}";

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