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* = done/, + = in progress X/@ = (X for resolved, @ for known issues)

November 21, 2009 -- lynk -- 1.5.1

* Added and completed languages/english/strings.php for future use.
* Added languages/ directory for future multi-lingual support.
* Added languages/english/ and languages/francais.
* Added service WELCOME message on user connection to IRC.
* Services checks for pcntl_fork() availability before forking.
* Added RRD graph/ directory configuration to config.php.
* Service clients now use the usermodes specified in the config.php.
X LOGIN allows for usage of disabled accounts.
X ChanServ INVITE doesn't work.
X Custom virtual hosts dont properly register in services.
X Database error if a virtual host for a user already exists on VHOST ADD.
X PHP5.3 goes a little nuts.
X Users not being properly removed from channels on /QUIT.
X Nickname changes were being processed wrong after last update.

November 19, 2009 -- lynk -- 1.5-wherestazz

* Optimized for TBDev2009
* Fixed ChanServ channel registration notices to show the whole channel description.
* ChanServ now REQUIRES a channel description when registering a channel.
* Removed syslog reporting (deprecated in tbdev2009)
* Removed site report relays (deprecated in tbdev2009)
* Added documentation on creating the RRD database.
* RRD graphing now has its own object method. (Class.rrd.php)
* Changes to OperServ UPDATE command when no svn exists.
* BuddyServ RRDTIME command has been deprecated.
* RRD Graphing now automatically generates 10 graphs when enabled.
* Service help files no longer have double .txt.txt file extensions.
* All configuration values are now processed from config.php.
* Virtual hosting now has its own object class. (Class.vhost.php)
* Moved all event handlers to new handler class. (Class.handler.php)
* Added ChanServ GETKEY to get channel +k setting.
* Added ChanServ OP/DEOP commands for priveledged users.
* Added ChanServ HALFOP/DEHALFOP commands.
* Added ChanServ VOICE/DEVOICE commands.
* Added ChanServ PROTECT/FOUNDER commands.
* Added another graph for IRC activity (based on lines from uplink).
* Added function make_wild() to generate a wildcard preg from a host.
* Support for ChanServ processing of channel modes and bans.
* Added ChanServ UNBAN command (it was overdue..)
* No monitoring checks (ie graphing) is done untill after we get EOB Sync.
* Added the 'kick' function to serviceclient class.
* Added ChanServ SET RESTRICT command.
* Changes and additions to the service help files.
* General bug fixes.
* Added ChanServ CLEAR to help recover from any hostile channel takeovers.
* Added ChanServ INVITE command.
* Added ChanServ INFO command.
* Additions to OperServ STATS command.
* Added ChanServ SET STRICT to prevent those not on channel access list getting +ovhqa.
* Added more constants to ChanServ for future MLOCK command.
* Added ChanServ DROP command.
* Changed NickServ SETHOST command to VHOST, with additional arguments.
* Channel last used time is successfully updated now.
November 14, 2009 -- lynk -- 1.4.1

* Moved chanserv access level constants into the class.
* Major internal documentation added.
* Removed old, un-used files.
* Added doc/ folder and doc/php/.
* First public code release.
* All buddyserv specific tables now have 'buddyserv_' prefix.
@ IRC Idle bonus doesnt work properly and is disabled from saving.

June 20, 2009 -- lynk -- 1.4a

* Integrated RRDtool graphing of users and guests.
* Creation on a benchmark timing class named 'bench'
* Changed IRC bonus to give upload credit instead of karma
* -changes can now be accessed by all identified users instead of only FLS+
X Services sees offline users as non-members when adding to channel access lists.

June 17, 2009 -- lynk -- 1.3.3

* quit/part added to serviceclient interface
* topic, join, kick and others added to serviceclient
* Services will kick non-admin+ who join unregistered channels.
* Sysop+ will receive +N (network admin) irc flag mode
X ChanServ would not join channels if channel had modes with parameters (ie: +k/l)

June 2, 2009 -- lynk -- 1.3.1d

* Syslog can now be relayed to a special channel.
* Added operwall command to the serviceclient class.
* OperServ now has an UPDATE command for coders (svn)
* Fixed missing support for handling kick events.
* Minor fixes to some sentence formats.
* NickServ INFO now only shows IP's to moderators and higher, no longer support.
* SysOP and above automatically get channel founder mode on all channels.
* Admins automatially get protected +a status on all channels.
X Fixed broken chanserv channel commands caused from last version.
X Fixed an issue where KICKs weren't be handled, causing a memory leak.

June 1, 2009 -- lynk -- 1.3-devel

+ -stats has been added as a userbot command for irc and site information
* MemoServ has been added as a site messagebox relay notifier.
* MemoServ has been added to the help documents.
* OperServ now requires a reason for a DIE or RESTART command.
* NickServ now requires a reason when disabling an account.
* Fixed the way services parses commands.

March 30, 2009 -- lynk -- 1.2-geneva

* NickServ has been classified
* Added installation documentation starts, and readme
* Added BuddySeed under extensions/
* Restart script now tries to chmod +x buddy.php first.
* NickServ will kill on 3 failed identify attempts in 5 minutes.
* Added ChanServ FORBID command to disable channel usage.
* Added -changes command for support+ for changes.txt echo
* monitor serviceclient has been created.
* Added mysql query counting for stats information
* Nickserv has LOGIN command now to login to your nick at 2nd location.
* Updates to service help files.
* Fixed some missing variable checks.
* Pre times now show on the same line as the torrent notification.
X -idle no longer lies about whos stats you are viewing.
X When using LOGIN, Userbot will incorrectly tell you you are getting irc bonus.
X When registering a channel, the operwall is missing the registries nickname.
X +ao duplicate modes sometimes causes desyncs causing services to not join the channel.
X Services no longer crash when changing your nickname CaSiNg.

March 12, 2009 -- lynk -- 1.1.2-idleswatclassed

* Added userbot -connectable command to find connectable status
* Added chanserv .kb channel command to kickban a user from the channel
* Added help files, and minor help changes
* ChanServ is now classified
* -user command now displays in channels again instead of private NOTICE
X Fixed userbot always messaging support channel with user info even if user was > FLS levels
X When unconnectable, services says it doesnt know if you are or no

March 9, 2009 -- lynk -- 1.1

* The service clients are now static class.
@ Idle bonus causes karma to reset to typecast float instead of integer

March 5, 2009 -- lynk -- 1.0-odysee

* Remove the constant chanserv warning when using periods(.) in channels.
* Userbot will no longer complain on every - in channels
* -idle bonus has been enabled and is now recording.
* ChanServ now lets admins be able to register channels
* Added ChanServ ALLOW command to allow for channel registrations.
* Added OperServ MODE command to change channel modes.
* UserBot will now only respond to identified members.
* Added line to NickServ info if user is not identified.
* Moved certain functions from maincommands to userbot 
* Output from -user, -idle functions now use /NOTICE
* Removed channel requirement in .aop/sop/ect .aop <what ><who>
* OperServ now has a RESTART command for sysop+
X Services do not always remove QUIT'd users
X OperServ triples globals successfull /OPER
X Users with custom vhosts dont get usermode +r on identify
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