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<font color = yellow>At a glance</font>
<font color = red>* Main Weapons: Ranged Energy, Assault Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun</font>
* Alternate Weapons: Any Ranged Weapon
* Main Nanoskills: MC/TS for Damage Shields, PM for Taunts
* Tradeskills: Poor
* Overall Difficulty: Easy

 IP & Skills – A Rough Guide

As soon as you land in the backyard and open your skills menu, you are faced with what will be the biggest question to face you during your entire life in AO. What skills to do I want to increase?

Increasing skills costs IP, and although IP is easy to come by at the start, it begins to get thin on the ground fairly soon. So, the one thing you need to plan out is what skills you want to work on. I’ll rate each skill from 1 (useless) through to 10 (critical), but you should read the text just to make sure that it will suit what you have in mind. Just remember, that all because a skill may be green, doesn’t mean that you have to keep it at maximum. Use a little common sense and look before you leap.

So, get a bit of paper and start writing down the ones that interest you. I have neglected to place a simple “cookie cutter” soldier template in this guide for two reasons. Firstly, I believe that people should at least take time to discover something about their skills, and secondly, raising skills and not knowing the consequences thereof, is probably worse for the player than anything else. Remember that getting to L200 with your soldier is not a race, and that you should take your time, as Ferris Bueller says: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop an take a look around once in a while… you could miss it”.

The tables within each skill will show you the maximum achievable amounts with max abilities, but without buffs, implants or any other kinds of boost.

<font color = red>3.1. Abilities</font>

Strength – Rating: 10
Strength used to have a great bearing upon the amount you could carry, but no longer seems to impact this. What it does affect is the level of armour that you can use, as the best soldier armour has a primary or secondary strength requirement. Also, this will affect certain skills that a soldier will need.

Agility – Rating: 10
I’ve put this as critical as it affects a great number of soldier weapon skills. Agility affects your evades and your chances of hitting a target. Also, this is a requirement of some of the better types of armour that you will use later on (i.e. Flowers Tech).

Stamina – Rating: 10
Stamina affects the number of HP you have, and the more HP you have, the longer you live. Soldier armour is also based on Stamina, so you should keep this as close to max as possible.

Intelligence – Rating: 9-10
Intelligence will have a bearing on a few of the weapon skills, but is not critical. What this will affect is your Nano & Aiding skills, which are very expensive to rise, so it’s worth getting Intelligence to a reasonable level just for the knock-on effect. Later on, you may need a fairly decent amount of Intelligence to cope with any implants that require your Intelligence to be high.

Additional from Piikey:

“I would actually rate this as a 9-10. I keep Intelligence maxed for a few reasons. All nano skills are 80% dependent on it, and believe me this can make a huge difference (as a rule of thumb, you can say that for every 100 pts you put into your Intelligence, it will add 20-25 points too all of your nano skills (this can make a big difference for those dark blue ones), and Comp Lit is also 100% based on Intelligence.”

Sense – Rating: 8
Sense does play into some of the weapon skills, although it is not overly important. It can be important for some cluster/implant combo’s later, and it’s a fairly hard skill to buff. It may be wise to try and max out Sense also, as it provides points to Ranged Energy and Ranged Initiative. I’ve actually kept this maxed on my second soldier, and have not suffered any great side effects from having spent points in keeping this maxed. The other reason for adding to Sense is that you’ll find many implants that you need to use are based upon this ability.

Psychic – Rating: 4
Leave it well alone at the start. If you come across an implant that requires it, then you need to look at how critical the cluster is that is twisting the implant to be Psychic in base. If you want more Nano Pool, then raise Nano Pool. By leaving this along all the way to L100, you will have saved roughly 140,000 IP… no small laughing matter. Later on when you have IP to spare (L150+), then look at raising Psychic, as it has a knock-on effect to Ranged Energy and can help boost your Attack Rating if you use a Ranged Energy based weapon.

Body Development – Rating: 10
Higher Body Development equals more HP. More HP means you live longer, and if you live longer, you can kill harder mobs. Body Development should always be max.

Nano Pool – Rating: 5
Having enough Nano Pool to be able to cast your Mirror Shield twice is a good marker. You may need a little more if you decide to go with Tank Armour or Battle Suits, but you can get by with a fairly low Nano Pool.

3.2. Body

All of the body skills are of no use to a Soldier; therefore I am rating these as 1 (useless). Adventuring is supposed to give you a larger backpack, but this is negated by the usage of bags that you can get from any Advanced or Superior shop.

3.3. Melee

Again, these skills are useless for a soldier. If you do want to use Melee skills, then I would advise that you create an Enforcer or Martial Artist. All these skills are rated as 1 (useless).

3.4. Misc. Weapons

Heavy Weapons – Rating: 8
Affected By: 60% Agility | 40% Strength
The Heavy Weapon skill comes in to use later on, so it isn’t critical at the start of your soldier’s life. When you get to the point that you understand what Heavy Weapons are available and their facets, you can decide to use this skill as required.

All the other skills in Misc. Weapons are basically useless to a soldier, so they get the rating of 1 (useless).

3.5. Ranged

Bow – Rating: 1 
If you want to make a bow using character, then I’d seriously suggest the Martial Artist. This skill is useless to a soldier.

Pistol – Rating: 7
Affected By: 60% Agility | 40% Sense
Since Freedom Arms have been made unavailable (the pistol of choice), pistols suffer from being slightly underpowered against other types of weapons. Also, if you want to do a comparable amount of damage against other soldier weapon types, you need to dual-wield the pistols using the Multiple Ranged Weapons skill, which is expensive and many pistols that are of any use have stupidly high requirements in dual wield.

Assault Rifle – Rating: 10
Affected By: 40% Stamina | 30% Agility | 20% Sense | 10% Strength
This is the bread and butter of soldiers. Assault Rifles are without doubt the strongest weapons that a soldier has available. The skill is extremely cheap to advance, and is the main stay of a soldier’s skills.

MG/SMG – Rating: 7
Affected By: 30% Strength | 30% Agility | 30% Stamina | 10% Sense
If you want to develop a soldier that can use machine guns, then the option exists through using Maussers or Heavy Suppressors. You should be warned though, that although they start off doing better damage than Assault Rifles, they begin to level out far too early, leaving you behind in the damage stakes until you can use a very high level Heavy Suppressors later on. It is worth checking out the new Chemical Maussers though, as these may open up an uncharted avenue for diversification.

Shotgun – Rating: 7
Affected By: 60% Agility | 40% Strength
Later on, the shotgun range of weapons do become powerful, with some of the shotguns providing the best critical damage opportunities in AO, but this has been weakened somewhat by the changes to critical hits and how they are calculated. They have a nice side effect of giving you bonuses to other skills and abilities, which is useful for getting other equipment on in times of crisis. But, at the beginning, I’d concentrate on the soldier basics until you are confident that you are going to follow this line more vigorously. 

Rifle – Rating: 7
Affected By: 60% Agility | 40% Sense
Similar to Shotguns in terms of damage later on, and the bonuses associated with certain types of rifle. The better Rifles do have the disadvantage of requiring you to have a good chunk of IP set into Aimed Shot, which is one of the more expensive soldier Ranged skills. If you are adamant that you want to use a rifle, I’d head over to being an Agent.

Ranged Energy Weapons – Rating: 10
Affected By: 40% Psychic | 40% Sense | 20% Intelligence
The same level of usefulness as Assault Rifle. Recently changed over from being based 40% on Stamina to 40% on Psychic, which came as a surprise. It took out the Heavy Gamma Beamer as a choice for soldiers to call upon.

Fling Shot – Rating: 7
Affected By: 100% Agility

Some of the better Assault Rifles use Fling Shot, so you’re probably going to need quite a sizeable chuck of Fling Shot to progress. What I would advise is that you should only put in what you need, so that you can equip a weapon, and leave it at that. Fling Shot is unaffected by having additional points, and does not increase the time between flings.

Aimed Shot – Rating: 6
Affected By: 100% Sense
Some of the better Assault Rifles use Aimed Shot, but you can get by quite happily without spending any points in this skill. Don’t put any points into this until you are certain that you want to head down this path, as it could be an expensive mistake at the end of the day. Later on when you want to try out more diverse weapons, you’ll find that having larger amounts of Aimed Shot will increase the damage of the shot itself, so it’s a good idea to put more points in than you would need to equip the weapon.

Burst – Rating: 8
Affected By: 50% Agility | 30% Strength | 20% Stamina
Again, just like Fling Shot, you should only put enough points into this skill to get a weapon in your hand. You should also remember that high-level soldiers get the Riot Control buff that adds 110 to your Burst skill. Burst skill affects both the damage done and the recycle time between bursts, so you may want to raise this to the limit when you can.

Full Auto – Rating: 7
Affected By: 60% Strength | 40% Stamina
If you want hard and fast damage output, then Full Auto weapons are the way forward. This tends to be used more for PvP-type play when weapon swapping is the key. Think before throwing points into this skill.

Bow Special Attack – Rating: 1 
If you’re using a bow, then you should be a Martial Artist, only then will this skill be useful.

Multiple Ranged Weapons – Rating: 4
Affected By: 60% Agility | 40% Intelligence
If you are going to head down the Pistol route, then you’re going to need this skill. It’s expensive, but makes Pistols a viable alternative. If you are going to use Pistols, make sure you know what options are available for you later on.
3.6. Speed

Melee Weapons Initiative – Rating: 1 
Only useful for hand to hand combat, in which case you should be an Enforcer or Martial Artist.

Ranged Weapons Initiative – Rating: 10
Affected By: 60% Sense | 20% Psychic | 10% Intelligence | 10% Agility
If there’s one skill that you need for any ranged weapon, it’s this. This is the key skill toward speeding up your firing rate, which in turn means that later on you can adjust your Aggressive / Defensive (Aggdef) bar more toward the defensive end. As soon as you reach the optimum (one second attack – one second recharge), then you can adjust your Aggdef bar lower to allow your evades to function more.

Physical Initiative – Rating: 1 
Only useful for Martial Artists, so avoid this skill like the plague.

Nano Initiative – Rating: 1 
The only “in-fight” nano’s that a soldier cast are the Total Mirror Shield line, the Aggro line, and One More Hit Healing (OMHH) which all have incredibly fast casting times, so you don’t need this skill. All the other nano’s that a soldier uses are “pre-fight”, so time is not an issue.

Dodge Ranged Attacks – Rating: 10
Affected By: 50% Agility | 30% Sense | 20% Intelligence
The first of the three big skills that mean criticals won’t hit you as often, which means that you take a lot less damage. Most ranged weapons will check against this skill to see what you get hit for.

Evade Close Combat – Rating: 10
Affected By: 50% Agility | 30% Sense | 20% Intelligence
If someone or something is in close combat with you, then this is the skill that is checked to see whether you get hit for critical damage, or whether you can walk away unscathed. More expensive than Dodge Ranged Attacks, but because a soldier doesn’t get any root nano’s, you have no choice if someone does want to enter into hand-to-hand combat with you.

Duck Explosions – Rating: 9
Affected By: 50% Agility | 30% Sense | 20% Intelligence
If you are serious about PvP, then you’re going to need to keep this skill high, as Shotguns will check against this skill, and they are among the most used types of ranged PvP weapon. Certain human NPC’s will also use Duck Explosion based attacks, so try and keep this healthily high if you can.

Nano Resist – Rating: 5
Affected By: 80% Psychic | 20% Intelligence
The upside is that it will stop some nano’s from affecting you, or reduce the damage they do. The downside is the expense in terms of IP. Not a cheap skill to look after. Later, when you have a lot of IP spare, get it capped. Noer has reported that there is still some uncertainty about the way Nano Resist actually functions at very high levels, although this report needs further quantification.

Run Speed – Rating: 7
Affected By: 40% Agility | 40% Stamina | 20% Strength
At the beginning of the game, your feet are going to be the prime source of your ability to more from place to place. Also, being able to run away from mobs that have got the better of you, is a lifesaver. Later on, you’ll be rich enough to afford a car, or better still a Yalmaha (plane), then running will be a little less important. When you get to the point that you want to enjoy some high level PvP, then you need more of this than you could imagine.
3.7. Trade & Repair

Mechanical Engineering – Rating: 1 
Don’t bother with putting IP into this skill until you come across something that is critical to your advancement. It’s too expensive to play around with, so avoid until required.

Electrical Engineering – Rating: 3
Affected By: 50% Intelligence | 30% Agility | 20% Stamina
You will need a little in this skill to be able to equip a floating torch, and later on you will need to be able to equip a Low Light Scope that will increase your chances of doing critical hits. What I would advise is that you look for someone to buff this skill for you, rather than waste a few IP, so you can equip any basic equipment that you require. Wait til you know what you are doing and what you need before playing with this. Low Light Scopes also require Weapon Smithing.

Quantum FF Technology – Rating: 1 
I have yet to see anything that a soldier can use that requires this skill. If you do, check and check again as to what you are doing, and what it will give in return. It’s too expensive to screw up on this skill.

Weapon Smithing – Rating: 4
Affected By: 50% Intelligence | 30% Agility | 20% Stamina
Before range was nerfed to a maximum of 40m, using Yatamutchy scopes, which increased the range of your weapon, could create a good advantage in PvP and PvM. I would be wary of putting anything into Weapon Smithing until you are sure you know what you are doing. Low Light Scopes also require this skill. Yatamutchy’s also rely upon you having a high Perception skill, which is very expensive to maintain.

Pharmacological Tech – Rating: 1 
Useful for Doctors, not soldiers. Don’t be sidetracked by the fact that by raising this skill you can make blood plasma, which can then be sold for good credits. The time will come when you will have more than enough credits, and by spending points in this, your long-term earning potential is greatly reduced.

Nano Programming – Rating: 1 
Too expensive to play with. If you want clusters putting into implants, hire a professional, such as a Nano-Technician or Meta-Physicist.

Computer Literacy – Rating: 10
Affected By: 100% Intelligence
The world revolves around computers even in this day and age, and getting through AO is no different. If you want to use the Grid, then you need Comp Lit. If you want to install more NCU or an Belt to hold NCU, you need Comp Lit. Keep this at maximum until you are sure you can afford to leave it alone for a while. Making implants to increase the possible QL of NCU and Belt is also a good plan.

Psychology – Rating: 5
Affected By: 50% Intelligence | 50% Sense
Aggression Enhancers require that you have a high Psychology skill, which can be used to increase the aggro a mob has towards you. Useful for when your team doctor is getting whacked. Also, soldiers have an Aggro line of nano’s that can be used along side of Aggression Enhancers. Expensive to raise, so worry about this later when you are at the point where you are being out-damaged at high levels.

Chemistry – Rating: 1
Concentrate on guns and not chemistry sets, and you’ll be a soldier.

Tutoring – Rating: 1
Tutoring has severe problems associated with it at this time, so I’d avoid this at all cost. Along with Swimming, this has to be the most useless skill of all time.

<font color = red>3.8. Nano & Aiding</font>

Matter Metamorphosis – Rating: 3
Affected By: 80% Intelligence | 20% Psychic
Piikey summed this up nicely when asked about this skill and the AC nanos associated to it…
“… for the first 150 levels it is hard enough keeping up with the main four nano lines, plus the AC boost line is not good. I would just downgrade the rating to around a 5. Matter Creation, Time & Space, Psychological Modifications, and Sensory Improvements are the big ones and that’s all you really need.”

Biological Metamorphosis – Rating: 3
Affected By: 80% Intelligence | 20% Psychic
The soldier’s line of HP buffs, but to be honest, they are not that good. I would avoid putting IP into this skill, until I had enough points to play around with it. Wait until you really need it, or get a better Token Board, as this will give better HP bonuses. One More Hit Healing is useful, but I’d hang on to those IP until you can really afford it.

Psychological Modifications – Rating: 10
Affected By: 80% Intelligence | 20% Sense
If you want to cast the soldier’s Mastery Line, or any of the Aggro Taunts, then you’ll need this skill. A lot of the new buffs also use this skill, but make sure that you’re not wasting IP in trying to get to a buff that you could never reach.

Matter Creation – Rating: 10
Affected By: 80% Intelligence | 20% Stamina
Virtually every line of soldier nano uses this skill; so keep it up to date. It may be useful to go higher than is required, as this may offset any de-buffs that you face in PvP.

Time & Space – Rating: 10
Affected By: 80% Intelligence | 20% Agility
As with Matter Creation, Time & Space is fairly critical to a soldier being able to use their most useful nanos. Max this if you can.

Sensory Improvement – Rating: 10
Affected By: 80% Intelligence | 20% Strength
The Mastery line of nano’s use this skill, and you’ll probably want to try and get to the point that you can use Riot Control for the +110 Burst buff. Same as Psychological Modifications though, be care what you spend.

First Aid – Rating: 7
Affected By: 40% Sense | 30% Agility | 30% Intelligence
If you want to heal yourself mid fight, then you’re going to need a good amount of First Aid. At the beginning, the steps between the quality levels of First Aid Kits are small, but they gradually increase in requirements, so you need to keep an eye on when you want to upgrade to the next QL of First Aid Kit. It’s probably wise to only put enough points in to allow you to use any QL125 kits, as anything higher is scarce to get hold of, but if you do, then make sure you don’t waste those points.

Treatment – Rating: 10
Affected By: 50% Intelligence | 30% Agility | 20% Sense
There are two reasons that this need to be high. Firstly, once you’ve finished a fight you want to be able to heal yourself back to maximum health, so you’re going to need Treatment Kits that are good quality. Secondly, implants require that you have a good amount of Treatment in order to put them into your body. A key skill.

<font color = red>3.9. Spying</font>

Concealment – Rating: 5
Affected By: 50% Intelligence | 30% Agility | 20% Sense
Not very useful at low levels, but when you start to get into high level PvP, then there are weapons that have a nice Aimed Shot ability, which require that you hide (using Concealment) before using Aimed Shot. Certain weapons such as the Techtronica Neural Disruptor or Yatamutchy X-3 Rifle can do 10k Aimed Shots we ease.

Breaking & Entering – Rating: 4
Affected By: 40% Agility | 30% Sense | 30% Psychic
As you progress through the levels, you are going to find that you start hitting both locked doors and locked chests. Having a Lock Pick is one thing, but you at least need to know how to use it. Not critical to begin with, and you only need a certain amount later on, but it does become useful mid-level when you will be faced with a lot of locked doors. If you’re doing a lot of solo missions, and are clearing them out for cash, then put some points in, as you can find some fairly nice things in chests.

Trap Disarmament – Rating: 1 
If you can’t survive being damaged by a trapped chest, then there is something wrong with you. Not worth the IP at all. If you want to gain XP using this skill, use clusters.

Perception – Rating: 6
Affected By: 50% Intelligence | 30% Agility | 20% Sense
Yatamutchy’s use this skill in abundance, but it’s not cheap. Make sure you know what you are doing and what advantage you will gain before putting IP into this skill. Becomes more and more useful later on though.

<font color = red>3.10. Navigation</font>

Vehicle Airborne – Rating: 6
Affected By: 60% Sense | 20% Agility | 20% Intelligence
Eventually you are going to need a Plane to get about, as the distances involved in doing missions later on are just too far and too dangerous by car or by foot. Don’t put IP into this skill until you are ready to fly your Yalmaha, and only then should you increase this skill after you’ve looked at getting Vehicle Airborne clusters (which don’t clash with other clusters).

Vehicle Ground – Rating: 3
Affected By: 60% Sense | 20% Agility | 20% Intelligence
In your early levels you may want to get a Kodiak or Mid (cars) to get around a little faster, until you can afford and fly a Yalmaha. Don’t go crazy with IP in this skill, and only look at putting IP into this skill when you really need to. Later on you can get Gunships, which require a very high amount of Vehicle Ground, but you can worry about that when you find one.

Vehicle Water – Rating: 1
If you come across a span of water, look for an alternative route, or better still, fly over it in a Yalmaha. Useless skill really.

Map Navigation – Rating: 5
Affected By: 50% Intelligence | 40% Sense | 10% Psychic

Having a map of your surroundings is fairly critical, and you can get some useful enhancements to your maps, such as Monsters, People, Shops, etc, that will aid you in finding your way around.

One good way of getting those map enhancements updated at a low IP cost is to use a set of Map implants. Get a set made, drop them in, upload the maps and enhancements, then revert back to your original set.

4. Starting Out – Level 1 to 15

You’ve chosen your race, name, height, weight and the face that you’re going to be stuck with for the rest of your soldier’s life. Now is where your path to soldier heaven begins.

The first thing you need to do is to upload your map, put on any armour (a shirt!) that you are given, and arm your weapon. Also, make sure that you upload any nanos that you start with. You should also get used to using your Quick Bar, of which an example is provided in Appendix A.

Also, try and get used to how the communications work within AO. If you need further details on the basics, then walk up to the Guide, click them so they are highlighted, and type in /say hello.

Then stop. Look at the skills that you are going to improve, and don’t spend a single Improvement Point (IP) until you are sure you know what you are doing. There’s a whole section above that will help you to decide, and there are innumerable forums and people to assist you in choosing where to spend those points. The other thing I would do before spending any IP, is to tear out the soldier page from the manual and throw it away, as it’s the worst skill guide you could possible base a soldier on. I’d go so far as to say that the manual is probably useless in all areas of being able to play AO, other than the keyboard mapping.

The other thing you should do, is look at what affect the various patches have made to the game, and in particular, what effect they have had on the soldier profession. These have more bearing upon your profession that you could ever imagine, and whilst the game is in it’s youth, have caused sweeping changes. Some of the patches have affected soldiers greatly, and because FC doesn’t always announce changes that may affect us, I would advise that you always read the patch noted fully after a patch.

You have several choices as to what to do next…

4.1. Levelling

Grouping with others is the key to Anarchy Online, and your progress will be severely hampered if you decide to go solo. The reason being is that it’s far faster and safer to kill a mob with a team of six, than it is to do it alone. Also, you will get the almost the same amount of experience in a group, as if you were alone anyway.

Also, it gives you a prime opportunity to meet other people that you can journey with throughout you AO life. Even now, I still group with players that I met when I was level 1 all those many days ago.

The advantage of going solo is that you maximise the amount of money and equipment from what you kill.

4.2. Token Farming

Basically, tokens are useful little things that you upload into your Token Board. Once you reach a certain number of tokens, you can upgrade your Token Board. For each level of Token Board you get additional bonuses when you wear the Token Board in your shoulder slot.

If you want to know what you get in the way of tokens, pop over to:


Token Farming may not be as critical as it was before the 13.8 patch for the following reason. Originally, no matter what level mission you attempted you got 1 token that was worth 1 to your Token Board.

Things have now changed though. You now get a token that is worth a certain amount according to your level. i.e. At level 99 I would get a token worth 4 tokens to my Token Board. Then once I reached level 100, the token increased to a value of 5. There is also, reportedly a very large jump from 8 to 15 in value at the very top end of the scale.

<font color = red>4.3 Joining A Guild</font>

The reason that I am adding this to the guide is that I feel that the social aspect of the game is just as important as gaining levels, getting unique equipment, etc. The social aspect makes AO what it is… a community. There are times when things can go badly wrong, and whether these are based on your own errors, or just through simple bugs that occur from time to time, you will undoubtedly need someone to help you through your career in AO.

The best way of making friends is through joining a guild.

There are hundreds of guilds on Rubi-Ka, and all of them are different from each other. Take some time to look through the various sites in the appendices, and look for a guild that will recruit new people. I would primarily advise that you chose a guild that has an organised recruitment policy and structure, so that you can get to grips with how a guild works, and one that will have people like yourself in both level and experience. Later on you can look into forming your own guild, but the experience you will gain from a big guild will teach you many lessons both in playing and socialising.

<font color = red>5. Following A Plan – Level 15 to 50</font>

Having already got through the first skill cap (you’ll know what a skill cap is when you hit it), you will now be starting on the rocky road to L200 properly.

The basis of the journey to L50 is mainly to get your soldier into shape for your journey to the top. You should try and get the following implant sets next:

Comp Lit & Map Navigation Set
You will use this set of implants to give you a chance to wear a good Platform Component Belt, and NCU. Also, it will allow you to get a hold of all the maps of the surrounding areas, without spending too much IP. The Machines and People upgrades should be fairly early in your list, the Monsters upgrade is dependant upon what you are going to do during your journey to L50, as you may find that you can hold off on this upgrade until later. If the soldier you are making is your first character, then you should ideally get the Monster upgrade as soon as possible, so that you can get used to what monsters are in what areas of your travels. Don’t worry about the Side upgrade until you get to the later stages of you characters development (L100+).

Armour Set
This set is basically made up of the two abilities required to get a set of armour on. Soldiers will either have a Strength/Stamina set (for Omni-Pol or Omni-Pol Elite), or a Agility/Strength set (for Flowers Tech, Tech or Desert/Forest). I’m not certain as to what limitations there are to clan and neutral sides, so you may want to check up to find the premium lower level types of armour.

Weapon Set
This set may be part of your Day-2-Day set, but if you are going to diversify your Day-2-Day set then you’ll need a Weapon Set. The Weapon set is made of clusters that are purely for equipping a weapon, and the requirements thereof.

Day-2-Day Set
The Day-2-Day set are the implants that you will use the most. These are the main implants that will give you such things as additional HP, AC, evades, vehicle skills, nano skills, etc. You will find that this usually contains the whole 13 implants required.

Up to level 50, you should be in the fortunate position of being able to change these implants around as and when required. This will be increasingly difficult once you get to the point of using QL90+ implants, as you will more than likely require treatment and ability buffs in order to do implant switching.

There are multiple ways of getting to L50. The first time around with Poweredge, I spent a great deal of time wandering the countryside looking for different spawns of creatures that I could kill with a team of friends. The upside of doing this was that I could gain a large amount of XP in a short amount of time, but I found that later on I could have done with a better token board to back up my HP. The other problem with this is that you are likely to be less well-off in terms of cash than if you had done missions, and that you can easily neglect to consolidate your equipment to your level.

Many people find that they go out, gain a large number of levels, then go to do 50% missions for cash, and die trying. The reason being that the mobs have got harder, and all you have gained is a few more points in your skills. One of the primary rules that you will live by in AO, is to consolidate your equipment to your level, and to balance missions and grouping evenly. It is also possible to do too many missions, as you will find that you get bored of AO very quickly if you concentrate purely on doing so.

Unless you are prepared to tolerate a great deal of missions, or have equipment handed down that you can use for your higher levels, then spread the time evenly between missions and teaming. That way you get some cash in your pocket, and some friends to team with later.

<font color = red>6. Getting Serious – Level 50 to 100</font>

When you finally get to level 50, you have reached the point that you are serious about a soldier (and you’ve passed through another skill cap). You will be getting a few more IP to spend each level, the mobs you will face will start getting slightly harder, and equipment will start to get expensive. Most importantly, you are going to be faced with longer journeys to mission and spawns.

Getting a vehicle will now become an issue, and you have a choice as to how you want to travel.

Firstly, soldiers get a very cheap Vehicle Ground skill. This can be misinterpreted as the main means of travel for a soldier during his career, but you should avoid at all costs. Although it may be cheap to buy a ground vehicle, and the skill may only require a few IP against other forms of travel, it is far and away the weaker of the two means of travel that people use on Rubi Ka. You may see that some soldiers have spent IP on Vehicle Ground, but you should also know that they may be older characters that have a Carrier (which massively boosted Strength). Unfortunately, Carriers are no longer sold from terminals in-game, and are not dropped anymore, also, they are NO-DROP which means that if you haven’t got one now, then you’re never likely to have one.

The first choice of travel is by air. This has two amazing advantages, in that you can travel to destinations far quicker by air, and that mobs on the ground will have great difficulty in attacking an airborne player. The down side is cost. The cheapest vehicle that you can use for air travel on Rubi Ka at this time; the Yalmaha, which will set you back 4.2 million credits for the lowest QL.

Start saving cash, buy bags to store any equipment that you find during missions, and sell any junk that you find to raise the cash to get a Yalmaha. You will find that by doing mission for Battle Suits, these will sell at shop terminals for a large amount of cash.

In order to get the right missions, you will probably need a tool called Clicksaver. This will run along side AO, and will intercept and display the prizes from missions in a separate window. It will also run above the AO window, so that you don’t have to change screens to see what mission have appeared each time you click request. I would advise that you set Clicksaver to pop up a alert box, rather than play a sound, as you will find that it is very easy to skip past a prize that you are after, once you get into the rhythm of clicking.

Again, getting XP in AO demands that you spend a large amount of time either teaming at a spawn, or doing missions. Remember to consolidate your equipment regularly, and you’ll glide through the best part of your journey to L100.

Once you hit about L85, then things begin to get a little harder. The mobs that you face suddenly begin to toughen up, and you will find that fights begin to last a lot longer than usual. This is the first real test of how well you have spent your IP, and how well you have consolidate equipment, implants, etc. At this time, you should be using roughly the following:

A Five Slot Component Belt (or better)
A QL120 or higher weapon (or better)
A full set of QL100 (or higher) armour
Total Mirror Shield Mk3 (or better)

You should also have Assault Rifle Mastery, and be very close (or have) Ranged Energy Mastery.

8. Weapons

Let’s start with what soldiers can use best, Assault Rifles. There are a few you can choose from, but I’ll begin with the most common types that use the key skills for a soldier. That way, if you find that one type doesn’t work for you, you can change over easily to another type.

Please note, that the OE values next to each of the requirements for equipping the weapon are the minimum values that you would need to use the weapon at full capabilities. If you are using a weapon and do not reach the OE limit, then the effectiveness of the weapon will be reduced, although any bonuses associated are still applied as normal.

The stats I’ll provide are for QL200’s:
<font color = green> Nova-Flow Mk IV	   </font>
Equip Time: 0.5s	Attack Time: 1.5s	Recharge Time: 2.5s	   
Range: 20m	Clip Size: 20 (Energy)	Damage: 1-362 (500) Energy AC	   
Defensive Skills:	Dodge Ranged	100%	   
 	Assault Rifle	67%	   
 	Ranged Energy	33%	   
 	Assault Rifle	785 (OE: 628)	   
 	Burst	654 (OE: 452)	   
 	Ranged Energy	524 (OE: 420)	   
 	Fling Shot	437 (OE: 350)	   
Comments:	One of the soldiers best choices for weapons at medium to high levels. The downside is that the Burst requirement is very high, so you need to be implanted up and have Riot Control running in order to equip higher QL’s. At lower levels you may want to head toward an E-Beamer, as the speed and damage are slightly higher lower down. The one downside is the clip size, as you could find that you need to reload mid-fight whilst in PvM.
Overall Rating:	8	   
Fasted Speed at Full Agg:	1/1 (requires 450 – Recharge Speed Base)	   
Fasted Speed at Full Def:	1/1 (requires 900 – Attack Speed Base)	   

<font color = green> Heavy Gamma Beamer	   </font>
Equip Time: 8.0s	Attack Time: 2.5s	Recharge Time: 2.0s	   
Range: 10m	Clip Size: 85 (Energy)	Damage: 4-384 (801) Energy AC	   
Defensive Skills:	Dodge Ranged	100%	   
Attack Skills:	Ranged Energy	67%	   
	Assault Rifle	33%	   
Requirements:	Ranged Energy	846 (OE: 677)	   
	Assault Rifle	564 (OE: 452)	   
Comments:	Used to be an exceedingly good soldier weapon, until changes were made to Ranged Energy (the base ability of 40% Stamina was changed to 40% Psychic). Also, the addition of the Division 9 Plasma Projector which has a very fast recycling Burst attack have made this less of an option. The other factor against the HGB now is the base critical calculation being worked out over a value of 200 rather than 100, the removal of (E)LLTS’s and the changes to critical hit buffs. This was once the soldier’s best option, but sadly times and changes have taken away a great weapon.	   
Overall Rating:	6	   
Fasted Speed at Full Agg:	1/1 (requires 900 – Attack Speed Base)	   
Fasted Speed at Full Def:	1.5/1 (requires 1200 – Attack Speed Base)	   

 <font color = green>E-Beamer	   </font>
Equip Time: 1.0s	Attack Time: 1.5s	Recharge Time: 1.5s	   
Range: 15m	Clip Size: 20 (Energy)	Damage: 10-297 (101) Energy AC	   
Defensive Skills:	Dodge Ranged	100%	   
Attack Skills:	Ranged Energy	67%	   
	Assault Rifle	33%	   
Requirements:	Ranged Energy	874 (OE: 700)	   
	Assault Rifle	583 (OE: 467)	   
	Fling Shot	486 (OE: 389)	   
Comments:	If you are low level (L1-L30), then you should look at getting hold of an E-Beamer. Its requirements mean that you can easily attain the skills to equip a fairly high version. The damage ratio begins to level out around QL50, but you should be well on your way to having a good enough Ranged Init to use one of the better long-term assault rifles. The perfect way to start your soldier’s career in Assault Rifles.	   
Overall Rating:	7	   
Fasted Speed at Full Agg:	1/1 (requires 300 – Attack Speed Base)	   
Fasted Speed at Full Def:	1/1 (requires 900 – Attack Speed Base)	   

<font color = green> Nova-Flow Mk I	   </font>
Equip Time: 3.5s	Attack Time: 2.1s	Recharge Time: 2.1s	   
Range: 22m	Clip Size: 30 (Energy)	Damage: 1-410 (260) Energy AC	   
Defensive Skills:	Dodge Ranged	100%	   
 	Assault Rifle	67%	   
 	Ranged Energy	33%	   
 	Assault Rifle	847 (OE: 678)	   
 	Burst	706 (OE: 565)	   
 	Ranged Energy	565 (OE: 452)	   
 	Fling Shot	471 (OE: 367)	   
Comments:	Not as good as the Nova Flow Mk IV. Slower switch/equip time, higher requirements, slower firing rate, slightly slower Burst recycle. Also, harder to get at high level. Stick with a Nova Flow Mk IV.
Overall Rating:	5	   
Fasted Speed at Full Agg:	1/1 (requires 660 – Attack Speed Base)	   
Fasted Speed at Full Def:	1.1/1 (requires 1200 – Attack Speed Base)	   

 <font color = green>Division 9 Plasmaprojector	   </font>
Equip Time: 2.0s	Attack Time: 2.6s	Recharge Time: 1.4s	   
Range: 28m	Clip Size: 50 (Energy)	Damage: 1-460 (250) Energy AC	   
Defensive Skills:	Dodge Ranged	100%	   
 	Assault Rifle	67%	   
 	Ranged Energy	33%	   
 	Assault Rifle	847 (OE: 678)	   
 	Burst	706 (OE: 565)	   
 	Ranged Energy	565 (OE: 452)	   
Comments:	The PvM weapon of choice from middle level until the very high levels. Good damage, good range and a nice clip size. The burst recycle is one of the fastest in the soldier range until you get to the Hellspinner and Hellfury series. The addition of a Hit Point, Ranged Init and Evade bonuses makes this nice weapon to use indeed. The only down side is the fact that it only appears from team mission bosses, but it’s worth hunting down.	   
Overall Rating:	8	   
Fasted Speed at Full Agg:	1/1 (requires 960 – Attack Speed Base)	   
Fasted Speed at Full Def:	1.6/1 (requires 1200 – Attack Speed Base)	   

 <font color = green>Heavy Suppressor	   </font>
Equip Time: 3s	Attack Time: 2.5s	Recharge Time: 2.5s	   
Range: 26m	Clip Size: 40 (Bullets)	Damage: 1-455 (320) Proj AC	   
Defensive Skills:	Dodge Ranged	100%	   
 	Assault Rifle	67%	   
 	MG / SMG	33%	   
 	Assault Rifle	833 (OE: 667)	   
 	Full Auto	833 (OE: 667)	   
 	Burst	695 (OE: 556)	   
 	MG / SMG	556 (OE: 445)	   
 	Fling Shot	463 (OE: 367)	   
Comments:	An expensive option, that is only really available to very high-level soldiers due to the requirements, and the fact that you need to spend a large amount of IP to use properly. As with the Division 9, you can only get this via Team Mission bosses.	   
Overall Rating:	7	   
Fasted Speed at Full Agg:	1/1 (requires 900 – Attack Speed Base)	   
Fasted Speed at Full Def:	1.5/1 (requires 1200 – Attack Speed Base)	   

 <font color = green>Augmented Hellspinner Shock Cannon	 </font>  
Equip Time: 3s	Attack Time: 1.5s	Recharge Time: 2.5s	   
Range: 25m	Clip Size: 20 (Flamethrower)	Damage: 201-443 (100) Rad AC	   
Defensive Skills:	Dodge Ranged	100%	   
Attack Skills:	Assault Rifle	100%	   
 	Assault Rifle	1018 (OE: 815)	   
 	Full Auto	528 (OE: 423)	   
 	Burst	516 (OE: 413)	   
 	Level	190 or higher only	   
 	Profession	Soldier only	   
Comments:	At the top-end this is what you should be looking at. Very fast Burst recycle, good minimum damage against an AC that is usually lower than the main 3. Also has a very handy ability of sometimes knocking a hole in the target’s Radiation AC (8% chance). This is the higher version of the Hellspinner pairing. This is a weapon that requires special parts that are very hard to get.	   
Overall Rating:	9	   
Fasted Speed at Full Agg:	1/1 (requires 450 – Recharge Speed Base)	   
Fasted Speed at Full Def:	1/1 (requires 900 – Attack Speed Base)	   

 <font color = green>Boosted Hellspinner Shock Cannon	 </font>  
Equip Time: 3s	Attack Time: 1.5s	Recharge Time: 2.5s	   
Range: 25m	Clip Size: 20 (Flamethrower)	Damage: 157-396 (100) Rad AC	   
Defensive Skills:	Dodge Ranged	100%	   
Attack Skills:	Assault Rifle	100%	   
 	Assault Rifle	998 (OE: 799)	   
 	Full Auto	511 (OE: 409)	   
 	Burst	494 (OE: 396)	   
 	Level	175 or higher only	   
 	Profession	Soldier only	   
Comments:	Slightly less powerful than the Augmented version, but a great gun none-the-less. Chance of making a hole in the target’s Radiation AC is reduced to 7% also. You skill look “teh sexay” with one on though.	   
Overall Rating:	8	   
Fasted Speed at Full Agg:	1/1 (requires 450 – Recharge Speed Base)	   
Fasted Speed at Full Def:	1/1 (requires 900 – Attack Speed Base)	   

 <font color = green>Augmented Hellfury Assault Cannon	</font>   
Equip Time: 3s	Attack Time: 2.5s	Recharge Time: 1.5s	   
Range: 20m	Clip Size: 30 (Energy)	Damage: 149-388 (96) Rad AC	   
Defensive Skills:	Dodge Ranged	100%	   
Attack Skills:	Assault Rifle	100%	   
 	Assault Rifle	1003 (OE: 803)	   
 	Burst	688 (OE: 551)	   
 	Level	190 or higher only	   
 	Profession	Soldier only	   
Comments:	Not quite as powerful again as the Hellspinner series of weapons, but has another great addition that doesn’t appear in the Hellspinners… the ability to remove a shield that uses 25 or more NCU from the target (9% chance). Great for getting rid of another soldier’s TMS, as well as the chance of punching a hole in the target’s Radiation AC (4% chance). Insanely fast Burst recycle time. The lack of damage is more than made up for by the additional extras and larger clip.	   
Overall Rating:	10	   
Fasted Speed at Full Agg:	1/1 (requires 900 – Recharge Speed Base)	   
Fasted Speed at Full Def:	1.5/1 (requires 1200 – Attack Speed Base)	   

 <font color = green>Boosted Hellfury Assault Cannon	  </font> 
Equip Time: 3s	Attack Time: 2.5s	Recharge Time: 1.5s	   
Range: 20m	Clip Size: 28 (Energy)	Damage: 119-360 (80) Rad AC	   
Defensive Skills:	Dodge Ranged	100%	   
Attack Skills:	Assault Rifle	100%	   
 	Assault Rifle	986 (OE: 789)	   
 	Burst	659 (OE: 528)	   
 	Level	175 or higher only	   
 	Profession	Soldier only	   
Comments:	Slightly less powerful than the Augmented version, but a great gun none-the-less. Chance of making a hole in the target’s Radiation AC is reduced to 7% also, and the shield remover chance is down to 6%.	   
Overall Rating:	8	   
Fasted Speed at Full Agg:	1/1 (requires 900 – Recharge Speed Base)	   
Fasted Speed at Full Def:	1.5/1 (requires 1200 – Attack Speed Base)	   
<font color = green>9. Armour</font>

I’ll put up all the armours that make the biggest difference once you get to the level that you can use QL70 armour, as all the following types exist at this level. Until you reach the point that you can use these types, I would advise either Omni-Pol Forest/Desert or Kevlar, as these will provide enough coverage for you during the earlier levels. You will also find that until mobs reach L20, that you can pretty much wear nothing in terms of armour, and that social clothes or medical clothes will pretty much suffice.

The following values are based on QL200 Armour Body (chest slot) for each type, and I’ll detail types that are both applicable and non-applicable for soldiers, just so you can see the various strengths and weaknesses: 

Omni-Pol Elite (also known as OPE) (STR/STAM)
1000AC: Impact / Projectile - Energy – Melee
875AC: Cold - Fire - Disease – Radiation
250AC: Chemical
Verdict: Low Chemical AC is a set back, but reliably informed that mobs at higher levels that use Chemical attacks are rare. Strength and Stamina based classes will swear by it. 

Nano-Armour (INT/PSY)
1000AC: Energy - Melee – Disease
875AC: Imp / Projectile - Cold - Fire – Radiation
250AC: Chemical
Verdict: The armour for Intelligence-based classes. Shame about the Chemical rating but it’s sturdy stuff. 

Biomech (PSY/STAM)
1000AC: Imp / Projectile - Melee – Chemical
875AC: Energy - Cold - Fire – Disease
250AC: Radiation
Verdict: Good armour, but boy does the helmet look a little silly. The cloak is now fixed and will no longer drop into the chest slot. Radiation AC rating is a big drawback though. 

Obtru Steel (SEN/AGIL)
1000AC: Imp / Projectile - Energy – Chemical
875AC: Melee - Cold - Fire – Disease
250AC: Radiation
Verdict: Not had much to do with this armour, so feedback would be good. Radiation AC rating being low is still a key problem. 

Flowers Tech (AGIL/STR)
1000AC: Imp / Projectile - Melee - Energy – Radiation
875AC: Chemical
750AC: Cold – Fire
250AC: Disease
Verdict: Firstly, it's pink, but it's the first of the high-end armours to not cover a rarely used AC, Disease. Many consider this to be better in PvP than the other armour types because it can cope with nearly all attack types. Since I first wrote this for a forum, Agents now have an option for Disease-based rifles that may cause a problem.

Senpai Primus (AGIL/STR)
1000AC: Imp / Projectile - Melee – Energy
875AC: Cold - Fire – Disease
625AC: Chemical
250AC: Radiation
Verdict: Better looking than Flowers for the same skill set, but slightly weaker, with Radiation being a key weak area. The cloaks are well sought after, as the Secondus and Tertius types lose ratings further in turn. 

Close behind these are Waitt Cyber and Organic, but they slip up by being weaker versions of the above types. After that, armour types lose ratings rapidly in two or more areas, so I have neglected to put them here for the time being. I’ve also neglected to put up standard Omni-Pol armour, which although not quite being as strong as Omni-Pol Elite, it has the advantage of having slightly lower equipping requirements.

The other issue that you should consider is implanting your AC ratings higher. Certain slots on implants are AC only points, and can provide a good back up, or reinforcement in an rating that is lacking.

People will also choose armour because it looks nice, but it comes at a price. Someone in OPE will get tells for cash far more than someone in Flowers, generally because they look rich. Looking a little more ugly does have its advantages. It's also worth sitting down and weighing up the pro's and cons of mixing armour types to get better coverage. At the moment, I'm using an OPE/Flowers mix with a Senpai Primus Coat and have good coverage in all areas as a result.

The other two areas of contention that exist in the soldier world are Tank Armour and Battle Suits. They both have one major disadvantage… Nano Delta. Basically, these armours will make buffs, taunts, shields, anything that you can cast either twice as expensive (with Tank Armour), and triple (with Battle Suits).

The one thing that tank armour has on its side is looks. The red Heavy Tank Armour looks incredibly good when worn with Omni-Pol Elite, but considering I wear Flowers armour, functionality comes before looks in my book.

As for Battle Suits, you will get Battle Suits in various colours and flavours, but they have one bug. While you may look like the sexiest potato to roam the streets of Trade, Newland or Athens, everyone else will only see one colour of Battle Suit. Even the OPE Battle Suits look like the others to everyone else when worn, so don’t get fooled by their looks. What they do have on there side is their value, and shops will pay a lot of money for them if you can get them. So, if you see one in the mission terminal (and they do come up), and you’ve got no money, go get the Battle Suit and sell it when you get back.

Lastly, there are other kinds of armour out there that are not as easily available as the ones above, such as Dragon Flesh, DeCranums Mk1 and Mk2, etc… all out there for you to discover. I won’t cover these in this guide, as there are many different types that have different kinds of bonuses, and are heavily dependant upon what you intend to do.

10. Nanos & Buffs

In the back of the various shops, you’ll find a room with lots of stalls for nanos. The two that you are interested in are the Soldier nanos and the General nanos. Both of these stalls will be used heavily during your earlier levels as a soldier. Later on you will find that many of the high level nanos and some of the newer nanos are loot-only, and are not available from the shops. These nanos you will have to buy from other people or find yourself.

10.1. Soldier Specific Nanos

The first and foremost thing that you should worry about in the soldier nano lines is the Total Mirror Shields. These are the one thing that separate soldiers from the rest of the world, and give us a great head start in any form of combat, whether that is PvM or PvP.

Total Mirror Shields (TMS) will reduce all incoming damage by 75% for a short period of time, and as you progress up the levels, the amount reflected and the time they last for is increased. At the beginning, the jumps between the “Marks” of TMS are quite large, but as you get into the higher levels, you will find they upgrade thick and fast.

On the down side, casting a TMS will shutdown all your nano skills for 2 minutes. This stops you being able to continually cast TMS’s during a fight, but also means that you are unable to recharge your nano-pool during that time. Other people can refill your nano-pool for you though, as long as you are sat down. But remember, that even though you may have nano, your next TMS will not cast until the previous TMS shutdown has finished.

The next nano’s that are useful are the deflection shields. These are long-term versions of the TMS line, in that they work for 30 minutes, or in the case of Extended deflection shield, an hour. These will provide you with a small amount of protection from incoming damage, and work on the same lines of nano skills as the TMS line, so spending points to improve them is a soldier’s natural progression.

There is a warning associated with the deflection line of nano’s. When you use a deflection buff, you should make sure that you can cast your best TMS shield once the deflection shield is running. The reason being that deflection shields and TMS are effectively the same line of nanos and lower QL TMS shields will not override high QL deflection shields.

If you do want to run your best deflection shield, and use a TMS that is of a lower QL, then you must cancel the deflection shield prior to casting the TMS. You should also remember that once you have overwritten your deflection shield with a TMS, the deflection shield has stopped, and that you will need to recast it once the nano skills become operative.

The third line of nano’s are the Mastery line. These are similar to the basic Proficiency and Expertise buffs that you find in the general nanos stall, except they are more potent. There are four masteries that a soldier gets:

Pistol Mastery (+40)
Rifle Mastery (+50)
Assault Rifle Mastery (+60)
Ranged Energy Mastery (+70)

The final two of the above four are what you should aim for as early as possible. By being able to self-buff yourself with these nano’s will greatly increase your chances on the road.

The fourth line is your AC increaser. The improvements that these nanos give are somewhat small given the amount of IP you have to spend in one nano skill (MatMet) to use them. Many soldiers argue that the amount you have to spend makes this line worthless, and I have to agree.

The next line is the HP increaser. These are very poor, and are based on a skill (BioMet) that is used for no other line of soldier nanos. Some people argue that one of the soldier nanos within this line (One More Hit Healing) is worth the expenditure, but if you are serious about getting your soldier up to speed, and keeping your foot down, then you should leave this line well alone until later.

The last line is the taunts. The early taunts are fairly easy to maintain as they are based on one nano skill that is associated with your mastery line, but during your mid levels, you may want to hang back on them until you can go for the other useful soldier buffs, such as Automatic Targeting, Total Focus and Offensive Steamroller.

Just to reiterate, a soldier shouldn’t be viewed as an armour-plated gun, but someone with a brain between the ears. Most fights in AO are won before the fight even starts, and those that aren’t are due to soldiers not using all the various facets to their advantage, or fighting against opponents that will naturally beat the soldier.

There have been some new lines of nanos added for soldier-only usage that will buff Assault Rifle, Burst Shotgun, Fling, Full Auto, Ranged Energy, Ranged Init, Duck Exp and Dodge Ranged, as well as increasing damage output. Some of these nanos have filled gaps in the lines, but the requirements for casting are such, that the high level nanos are basically useless for everyday usage.

10.2. General Nanos

The first ones that you really should pick up are the nanos that augment and boost your 6 main abilities (Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intelligence, Sense and Psychic). These will add +6 and +12 respectively to these skills.

After that, you’ll find that there are Proficiency (+10) and Expertise (+20) nanos for most of the skills, as well as ones that debuff skills. Debuffs are mainly used on enemies to slow them down, reduce their skills, etc.


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