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/* Tracker Configuration
 *  This file provides configuration informatino for
 *  the tracker. The user-editable variables are at the top. It is
 *  recommended that you do not change the database settings
 *  unless you know what you are doing.

//Maximum reannounce interval.
$GLOBALS["report_interval"] = 1800;
//Minimum reannounce interval. Optional.
$GLOBALS["min_interval"] = 300;
//Number of peers to send in one request.
$GLOBALS["maxpeers"] = 50;
//If set to true, then the tracker will accept any and all
//torrents given to it. Not recommended, but available if you need it.
$GLOBALS["dynamic_torrents"] = false;
// If set to true, NAT checking will be performed.
// This may cause trouble with some providers, so it's
// off by default.
$GLOBALS["NAT"] = false;
// Persistent connections: true or false.
// Check with your webmaster to see if you're allowed to use these.
// not recommended, only if you get very higher loads, but use at you own risk.
$GLOBALS["persist"] = false;
// Allow users to override ip= ?
// Enable this if you know people have a legit reason to use
// this function. Leave disabled otherwise.
$GLOBALS["ip_override"] = false;
// For heavily loaded trackers, set this to false. It will stop count the number
// of downloaded bytes and the speed of the torrent, but will significantly reduce
// the load.
$GLOBALS["countbytes"] = true;
// Table caches!
// Lowers the load on all systems, but takes up more disk space.
// You win some, you lose some. But since the load is the big problem,
// grab this.
// Warning! Enable this BEFORE making torrents, or else run makecache.php
// immediately, or else you'll be in deep trouble. The tables will lose
// sync and the database will be in a somewhat "stale" state.
$GLOBALS["peercaching"] = true;
//Max num. of seeders with same PID.
$GLOBALS["maxseeds"] = 3;
//Max num. of leechers with same PID.
$GLOBALS["maxleech"] = 3;

/////////// End of User Configuration ///////////
$dbhost = "localhost";
$dbuser = "root";
$dbpass = "";
$database = "btit";
//Tracker's name
$SITENAME="BtitTracker Test";
//Tracker's Base URL
// tracker's announce urls, can be more than one
//Tracker's email (owner email)
//Torrent's DIR
//validation type (must be none, user or admin
//none=validate immediatly, user=validate by email, admin=manually validate
//Use or not the image code for new users' registration
// interval for sanity check (good = 10 minutes)
// interval for updating external torrents (depending of how many external torrents)
// forum link or internal (empty = internal) or none
// If you want to allow users to upload external torrents values true/false
// Enable/disable GZIP compression, can save a lot of bandwidth
// Show/Hide bottom page information on script's generation time and gzip
// Enable/disable DHT network, add private flag to "info" in torrent
// Enable/disable Live Stats (up/down updated every announce) WARNING CAN DO HIGH SERVER LOAD!
// Enable/disable Site log
//Enable Basic History (torrents/users)
// Default language (used for guest)
// Default charset (used for guest)
// Default style  (used for guest)
// Maximum number of users (0 = no limits)
//torrents per page
$ntorrents ="15";
//private announce (true/false), if set to true don't allow non register user to download
//private scrape (true/false), if set to true don't allow non register user to scrape (for stats)
//Show uploaders nick on torrent listing
$GLOBALS["block_newslimit"] = "2";
$GLOBALS["block_forumlimit"] = "3";
$GLOBALS["block_last10limit"] = "5";
$GLOBALS["block_mostpoplimit"] = "5";
$GLOBALS["clocktype"] = true;
$GLOBALS["usepopup"] = true;

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