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### info.php ###

// Holds clerical information about the theme and author
// comment any line out that you don't want displayed
// ( put a # in front of it )

// include your (the author's) name here
$THEME_AUTHOR = "Corey O.";

// include your email address.  
$THEME_MAIL  = "hide@address.com";

// include the full theme name here
$THEME_NAME = "Pretty In Pink";

// include a description for your theme
$THEME_DESC = "The title says it all.";

// include a comment for the theme
$THEME_COMMENT = "This Theme is based on the default theme, but utilizes different colors and icons.";

// include the date that this theme was last updated (in the format below)
$THEME_DATE = "August 5, 2001";

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