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### header.php ###
// the logo and standard links at the top of most brunhilde pages 

echo "<HTML>\n";
echo "<HEAD>\n";
echo "<LINK REL=\"SHORTCUT ICON\" HREF=\"brunhilde.ico\">\n";
echo "</HEAD>";

echo "<body $BACKGROUND text=$TEXT>";
echo "<font size=2 face=helvettica,arial>";
echo "<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=$STYLESHEET>";

echo "<TABLE border=0 width=100% $BACKGROUND>";
echo " <TR>";
echo "  <TD width=20% valign=bottom align=left>";

// link to go back to the main directory page
if($cdir != "") { 
  echo "<a href=index.php><B>Back&nbsp;To&nbsp;Root&nbsp;Directory</B></a>\n";

echo "&nbsp;</TD>";

// brunhilde logo
echo"  <TD width=60% align=center>\n";
echo"   <a href=http://www.coreyo.net/projects/brunhilde/index.php><img src=$LOGO></a>";
echo"  </TD>";

// link to go to the upload form
echo "<td width=20% valign=bottom align=right>\n";
if($UPLOAD_DIR == "") { echo "&nbsp;"; }
else { echo "<a href=\"upload.php\"><B>Upload&nbsp;A&nbsp;File</B></a>\n\n"; }
echo "</td>\n</tr>\n</table>\n";

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