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  - A web server (Apache recommended)
  - Php support (php4 recommended)
  - a broadband connection, or high-speed intranet
  - A great mp3 library

  Open the "global.php" file and change the global variables
accordingly.  All variables are carefully labled and explained.
I strongly recommend using wordpad in windows to see the correct

NOTE:  Your mp3 directory as well as all of it's subdirectories
must be have read permissions for your web server. (usually www-data).
Your upload directory must also have write permissions, if you wish
to use the upload function.  Your upload limit is set to 2mb files
by default.  If you wish to have users upload songs that are greater
than 2 mb, you must delve into your php.ini file
(probably /etc/php4/apache/php.ini , or something similar) and alter
the 'upload_max_filesize' variable, then restart your web browser.

HTACCESS:  If you wish to set a password on brunhilde, you can use
a regular .htaccess file in the main brunhilde directory.  This is
for users who may use an mp3 player that does not support http
authentication.  In order for this option to work, you must set a
path to an unprotected web folder that will contain your play.php
script.  Copy the 'play.php' script to that folder.  You must also
set an absolute path to your "brunhilde/global.php" file at the top
of your 'play.php' script.

Note: This will cause brunhilde not to authenticate mp3 players, so
anyone that has thouroughly studied the source code, and knows your
directory structure well enough, may potentially be able to listen to
your mp3's, however, they will not be able to browse your mp3 list, or
directory structure.  It is very unlikely that this will happen.

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