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### convert.php ###
// a simple script to convert Brunhilde v2.0 and earlier playlists
// to the new 2.1 format


// this is where the script decides what to do
if(isset($playlist)) { convert_playlist(); }
else { query_playlist(); }

// generates a web form that asks the user which playlist to convert
// and in which $base variable each song is located
function query_playlist() {
  global $Brunhilde;
  global $TITLE;
  global $BORDER;
  global $BODY;
  global $STYLESHEET;
  global $TEXT;
  global $BACKGROUND;
  global $LOGO;
  global $MEDIA_DIR;

  $cdir = "blah"; // makes the "back to root directory" link appear

  // Begin HTML

  // imports the logo and standard links at the top of the page
  // to make this script look pretty
  echo "<p>";

  // Form Submission Elements
  echo "<FORM NAME=\"convert\" METHOD=\"post\" ACTION=\"convert.php\">\n";
  echo "<TBODY>\n<TR>\n<TD>\n";
  echo "<TABLE border=0 CELLPADDING=1 CELLSPACING=1 WIDTH=100% $BODY>\n";
  echo "<TBODY>\n<TR $TITLE>\n<TH>Playlist Conversion:</TH>\n</TR>\n";
  echo "<TR>\n<TD ALIGN=CENTER>\n";
  echo "<B>Select the Playlist that you Wish to Convert:&nbsp;&nbsp;</B>\n";
  // drop menu with playlist names
  echo "<SELECT NAME=\"playlist\">\n";
  // generates a list of playlists for the menu
  if(isset($Brunhilde)) {
    while(list($name) = each($Brunhilde)) {
      $name = stripslashes($name);
      $playlist_url = rawurlencode(stripslashes($name));
      echo "\t<OPTION VALUE=$playlist_url>$name</option>\n";
  echo "</SELECT>\n";
  echo "</TD>\n</TR>\n";
  echo "<TR>\n<TD ALIGN=\"CENTER\">\n";
  echo "<B>Select The Source Containing the Files in Your Playlist&nbsp;&nbsp;</B>\n";
  // drop menu with existing base directories
  echo "<SELECT NAME=\"base\">\n";
  // generates a list of $base directories for the menu
  for($i=0; $i < count($MEDIA_DIR); $i++) {
    echo "\t<OPTION VALUE=$i>".$MEDIA_DIR[$i][0]."</option>\n";
  echo "</SELECT>\n";

  echo "</TD>\n</TR>\n";
  echo "<TR>\n<TD ALIGN=\"CENTER\">\n";
  echo "<INPUT TYPE=\"SUBMIT\" VALUE=\"Convert Playlist\">\n";
  echo "</form>\n";
  echo "</TD>\n</TR>\n</TBODY>\n</TABLE>\n";
  echo "</TD>\n</TR>\n</TBODY>\n</TABLE>\n";

  // displays the footer at the bottom

  echo "</body></html>";

// adds the selected $base variable to each playlist entry
// converting it to the new v2.1 format
function convert_playlist() {
  global $Brunhilde;
  global $playlist;
  global $base;

  $playlist = stripslashes(rawurldecode($playlist));
  $playlist_url = rawurlencode($playlist);
  $playlist_contents = stripslashes($Brunhilde[$playlist]);
  $playlist_array = explode("\n", $playlist_contents);

  // tests to make sure the playlist hasn't already been converted
  if(eregi("base=", $playlist_array[1])) {
  // will hold the contents of the new/converted playlist
  $playlist_contents = "";
  for($i=0; $i<sizeof($playlist_array); $i++) {
    $playlist_contents = $playlist_contents.$playlist_array[$i]."\n";
    // keeps "\n" from being appended to the last line
    if($i == count($playlist_array) -1) { 
      $playlist_contents = $playlist_contents."&base=$base";
    else { $playlist_contents = $playlist_contents."&base=$base\n"; }

  // makes the cookie last until this script is obsolete
  $cookie_time = mktime(0, 0, 0, 12, 30, 2032);
  // writes the playlists contents to the cookie
  setcookie("Brunhilde[$playlist_url]", $playlist_contents, $cookie_time);
  // take a look at the new playlist
  header("Content-Type: text/html");
  header("location: edit.php?playlist=$playlist");

function already_converted() {
  global $playlist;
  echo "<B>The Playlist '".stripslashes(rawurldecode($playlist))."' Has Already Been Converted to the New v2.1 Playlist Format.</B>";
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