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<title>BOBS help page</title>
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<div align="center"><big><big><b>Browseable Online Backup System (BOBS)<br>
Help page<br>
<a href="#1">1. Explanation of the menus</a><br>
<a href="#2">2. Browsing files</a><br>
<a href="#3">3. Restoring files</a><br>
<a href="#4">4. You found a bug in BOBS</a><br>
<a href="#5">5. About BOBS</a><br>
<h4><a name="1"></a>1. Explanation of the menus.</h4>
"<b>browse Current</b>" lets you browse the latest snapshot of your files.<br>
"<b>browse Incremental</b>" lets you browse the files that you have delete, changed or renamed.<br>
"<b>browse Search</b>" lets you browse files that have been found using the "<b>Search</b>" menu.<br>
"<b>browse Restore</b>" lets you browse the files you have selected to restore.<br>
"<b>Search</b>" lets you search the backups for files. The result is browseable in the "<b>browse Search</b>" menu.<br>
"<b>Restore</b>" is the menu you use to transfer the files you have selected back to your server.<br>
"<b>Help</b>" is this help.<br>
"<b>Exit</b>" will let you exit this session. You should always use this when you are finished. <br>
<h4><a name="2"></a>2. Browsing files.</h4>
<b>The file view</b> (right side view):<br>
You can add files to the restore queue by selecting them (the checkboxes) and pressing the "Add selected files to queue" buttom. <br>
To remove files from the restore queue you must select the "browse Restore" menu,&nbsp; select the files you wish to remove and press the "Remove selected files from queue" button,<br>
<b>The directory view</b> (left side view):<br>
You can view the files in a directory by clicking on the name or the folder icon.<br>
Some directories may have a + (plus) sign to indicate the presence of subdirectories. Click on the + (plus) sign to expand the directory.<br>
When you press a + (plus) sign you it will change to a - (minus) sign. Press the - (minus) sign to collapse the directory again.<br>
The "root folder" is the top level of your backup directories. Click it to see any files in it.<br>
The directory view do not indicate if files are present in a directory. You must click on the directory to see if any files are present in the directory.<br>
<h4><a name="3"></a>3. Restoring files.</h4>
When you have selected the files you wish to restore (see above) you can restore them by using the "<b>Restore</b>" menu. <br>
When restoring files the server must perform some checks to determine if restoring is possible.<br>
You will be guide though these steps and alerted if any problems arise.<br>
Should problems arise that you are not able to solve yourself, you may need to contact your technical administrator.<br>
<h4><a name="4"></a>4. You found a bug in BOBS.</h4>
For help please contact the developers of BOBS on <a href="http://bobs.sourceforge.net/">http://bobs.sourceforge.net/</a><br>
<h4><a name="5"></a>5. About BOBS.</h4>
BOBS was developed as an alternative to traditional tape based backup systems.<br>
The basic thought was something like this:<br>
- I need an easy to setup backup system.<br>
- It must be able to make backup from several servers and do it every day while keeping incremental files.<br>
- Access to the files must be simple enough for anybody to figure out. <br>
- I should not have to be contacted because a file is needed.<br>
- It must be multiplatform (Windows, Linux, Mac).<br>
- I must used standard software. No special software should be needed.<br>
BOBS was born. It was named when I put the project on Sourceforge. <br>
<i>Joe Zacky</i> joined development and made a much improved configuration tool.<br>
Later feature additions include NFS and SMB functionality.<br>
For more information on BOBS go the following webpage.<br>
<a href="http://bobs.sourceforge.net/">http://bobs.sourceforge.net/</a><br>
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