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<div align="center"><big><big><b>Browseable Online Backup System (BOBS)<br>
Admin help page<br>
<a href="#1">1. Explanation of the menus</a><br>
<a href="#2">2. Making backups</a><br>
<a href="#3">3. Checking BOBS setup</a><br>
<a href="#4">4. Adding servers</a><br>
<a href="#5">5. Changing server settings</a><br>
<a href="#6">6. Changing admin password</a><br>
<a href="#7">7. You found a bug in BOBS</a><br>
<a href="#8">8. About BOBS</a><br>
<h4><a name="1"></a>1. Explanation of the menus.</h4>
"<b>Logout</b>" will end this session. Do it when before you leave the computer.<br>
"<b>Servers</b>" is where you administer the settings for the servers you create backups off.<br>
"<b>Access</b>" is not implemented yet.<br>
"<b>Restore</b>" is the user interface for browsing, searching and restoring files from the backup. It has its own help file.<br>
"<b>Help</b>" is this help.<br>
<h4><a name="2"></a>2. Making backups.</h4>
To make a backup you have to create servers. Click the "Servers" tab to configure what you want to backup.<br>
There is an example server called "testserver" which you can safely ignore.<br>
When you have created a server you should check if the settings are correct. Select the server and click the "Check configuration" button.<br>
A new page will appear with information about the check being run. Red text indicates errors. Correct the errors and try again. Repeat until you have no red text.<br>
To create a backup you can either wait until the backup is automatically run or you can select the server/share and click "Backup now". <br>
"Backup now" is only meant for testing that you can create a succesful backup. <br>
<h4><a name="3"></a>3. Check BOBS setup.</h4>
Under the "Servers" tab, make sure you have no servers selected, then click "Check Configuration"<br>
<h4><a name="4"></a>4. Adding servers.</h4>
Fill in "Server name" and "Share name" and click the "Add" button.<br>
Special cases:<br>
<b>Backup method: rsync_ssh</b><br>
This method requires that you follow these additional steps<br>
1. <br>
   Login as root on the BOBS server.<br>
   <p><i> ssh-keygen -t dsa </i></p>
   (it can take a while)<br>
   Press Return (without entering a password) when prompted for passphrase<br>
   Press Return a 2nd time (without entering a password) when prompted for passphrase a second time
   ( If additional questions are given always press return without further input)<br>
   The DSA-pair is created in ~/.ssh/<br>
   The following files can be found there now:<br>
   id_dsa (private key - has to remain - and only there - on the BOBS server)<br>
   id_dsa.pub (public - has to be transfered to all the remote servers you wish to use "rsync_ssh" with )<br>
4. <br>
   <p><i>cd .ssh</p></i>
    Now make a sftp connection to remote server as root<br>
   ( you have to use the same user both on the BOBS server and the remote server )<br>
   # NOTE: The "remoteserver.com" should be exactly the same as defined in the BOBS setup and in the id_dsa.pub file.<br>
   # That also applies if you are using IP instead of DNS names and to other places in these steps.<br>
   <p><i>  sftp hide@address.com</i></p>
   #Now you are prompted for the password:<br>
   mypassword [ENTER]<br>
   # Transfer the public key now<br>
   <p><i>cd .ssh</i></p>
   <p><i>put id_dsa.pub</i></p>
   # exit the connection<br>
   # Login to the remote server and change to the ssh directory.<br>
   <p><i>ssh hide@address.com</i></p>
   <p><i>cd .ssh</i></p>
   # Note: If the ssh directory doesn't exist you can create it this way.<br>
   <p><i>ssh someserver.com</i><p>
   # Create a file authorized_keys2 or just add a line with the public<br>
   # key of the BOBS server to it <br>
   <p><i>cat id_dsa.pub >> authorized_keys2</i></p>
   # remove the public key - just for nicer clean up<br>
   <p><i>rm -f id_dsa.pub</i></p>
   # exit the connection<br>
    Make a test connection<br>
   <p><i>ssh hide@address.com </i></p>
   # you should now not be prompted for the password anymore<br>
  Everything should work beautifully now<br>
REMARK:Doing it this way, only the BOBS server can connect to the<br>
remote server  BUT NOT vice versa, which is great.<br>

<h4><a name="5"></a>5. Changing server settings.</h4>
Select the server you want to change and click the "Change" button.<br>
<h4><a name="6"></a>6. Changing admin password.</h4>
Go to the "Servers" tab and click on the "Change Admin Password" link.
<h4><a name="7"></a>7. You found a bug in BOBS.</h4>
For help please search or post to the bobs-devel mailing list at <a href="http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_id=9561">
<h4><a name="8"></a>8. About BOBS.</h4>
BOBS was developed as an alternative to traditional tape based backup systems.<br>
The basic thought was something like this:<br>
- I need an easy to setup backup system.<br>
- It must be able to make backup from several servers and do it every day while keeping incremental files.<br>
- Access to the files must be simple enough for anybody to figure out. <br>
- I should not have to be contacted because a file is needed.<br>
- It must be multiplatform (Windows, Linux, Mac).<br>
- It must use standard software. No special software should be needed.<br>
BOBS was born. It was named when I <i>(Rene Rask)</i> put the project on Sourceforge. <br>
<i>Joe Zacky</i> joined development and made a much improved configuration tool.<br>
Later feature additions include NFS and SMB functionality.<br>
For more information on BOBS go the following webpage.<br>
<a href="http://bobs.sourceforge.net/">http://bobs.sourceforge.net/</a><br>
Support is provided via the bobs-devel mailing list at 
<a href="http://sourceforge.net/projects/bobs/">
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