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/*-- tags that encapsulate and structure the template --*/

Tagset...	| Info...
<bnews>		| This tagset encapsulates the news section of a template.
</bnews>	| bNews will only parse tags within the <bnews> tagset.
		| You may want to use this carefully if you are not including
		| bnews/view.php from your front page but are instead just storing
		| your entire front page in the site template. The less data bnews
		| needs to parse, the faster it will render news.
<bcomment>	| Similar to the above tagset. Data within this tagset is discarded when
</bcomment>	| not rendering comments in comments.php
		| The method for rendering these tags is similar to <category:>, in that
		| the data within the tags is rendered once per comment.
		| NOTE: This tag SHOULD NOT be in the <bnews> tagset, but *AFTER* it's close
<date>		| Encapsulates the section of data that will be placed above every day
</date>		| of news. Data within this tagset will only be displayed once per day of news.
		| NOTE: The only tag that will be parsed in the data encapsulated by this
		|	tagset is <tag:date />
		| NOTE: Data encapsulated by this tagset will be discarded like any other
		|	data not encapsulated by <category:> or <bcomments>, when
		| 	the 'amount of news to render' setting is set to 'posts'.
<category:>	| Encapsulates news of a given category. If a category in bNews Control is set
</category:>	| as 'Special TPL Definition', it is EXPECTED that the template has a category
		| tag for it, like <category:waffle news></category:waffle news>. If there
		| is no such setting for a category, the pseudo-category default is used.
		| THEREFORE, EVERY TEMPLATE *MUST* have a <category:default></category:default>
		| tagset somewhere in it.
		| The data is rendered once for every new post in the given category.
<mainpage>	| Encapsulates data which should only be displayed when view.php renders
</mainpage>	| news, not comments.php. Data within the tagset will be nullified by
		| comments.php, while view.php will simply nullify the tags themselves.

/*-- tags that differ by news post and can be used in <category:> tagset --*/

The tag...		| What it's replaced by...
<tag:title />		| The title entered in the news post.
<tag:time />		| The time of the news post (NOTE: Format is specified in view.php.
			| 	Please see view.php docs for info on how to change the format)
<tag:content />		| The main content of the news post
<tag:poster />		| The username of the user who posted the news
<tag:cat_name />	| The name of the category the news has been posted under
<tag:date />		| The date of the news post. (NOTE: See <tag:time /> above for format info)
<tag:id />		| The NEWSID of the post. Most likely used in the following fashion:
			| 	<a href="comments.php?id=<tag:id />">Click to view comments</a>
<tag:num_comments />	| The number of comments that have been posted about a news post

/*-- tags that differ by comment and can be used in <bcomment> tagset --*/
The tag...		| What it's replaced by...
<tag:poster />		| The username of the user who posted the comment
<tag:content />		| The content of the comment
<tag:id />		| The id of the comment. Most likely used in the following fashion:
			| 	<a href="comments.php?a=moderate&commentid=<tag:id />">Moderate</a>

/*-- global tags --*/
<tag:timer />		| The amount of time it took to generate the page
			| NOTE: this tag is always parsed, no matter where it is placed
			| 	in the template
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