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In steps..

1. Prepare a database and a username and password to access it in mysql.
2. Prepare setup.inc.php for mysql settings... also change any other settings
3. Upload all files to server
4. Run install.php
5. Follow the instructions
6. Once bNews has been installed, DELETE install.php! It is a massive security risk! MASSIVE!
7. Use the included default template to devise a template of your own

== NOTE: please read view.txt and templates.txt

================= Outputting news to a file

You can set this up in the administrative settings in bNews control. Go to site setup and click on the 'Edit output settings' link for that site. Here you can edit the amount of news to be displayed and the path to write the file to. Please note that the directory must be writable by PHP. You can then include this text file from wherever you need with <? include('path/to/text/bnews_site2.txt'); ?>
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