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BlueBoy What's New 
Ver. 1.0.3

By: Mike Norton


I was looking for a simple what's new database front and backend for my web site.  I found all the tools but
no ready-made app that would allow me to just drop and go.  So to make a contribution to the php community
and to help those who are starting out, and to have some fun, I have released this drop and run What's New app.


Display news items with a date, subject, who posted it, text of news, and a link for email or web page easily.
A admin page is included to make adding news items very easy.


1.  Unzip or whatever the files into your root or where ever you wish to place them.
2.  Edit the config.inc to your systems details, username, password and such....
     You can also play with the colors of the outputted news items here.
3.  Run bb_news.mysql to create the table that news uses.
4.  Insert in your PHP document that you want to display the news item on this line of code:

		<? require ("bb_news.php3"); ?>

    Make sure to point it to the correct location of bb_news.php3

5.  Make sure to set up your admin directory.  SECURITY:  I suggest password protecting the directory
     that you place the admin file into.  Later I will think about adding a user name password option
     that would keep you from having to do this.
6.  Enter information by running http://whatever.com/bb_news/admin/bb_news_admin.php3

That's pretty much it.  Experiment with it.  Have fun.  Most of all I hope it helps.

Please send any comments or suggestions to hide@address.com

  1. Possibly add non directory security.                                      
  2. What ever else needs to be added.  I figure this out as I go.         


04/23/2000 v1.0.1: First release of bb_news.  Display news items.  Add items.

05/05/2000 v1.0.2: Improved admin page.  Input filter now works.

05/08/2000 v1.0.3: A search feture has been added.  Also the database has ben reworked to use the time stamp.

Special Thanks to
  Angus Mackay <hide@address.com> - Help on the admin page.

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