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a) unzip the files to a folder (for example c:\blogs)
b) Go to your Web server (php/mysql) and run the phpmyadmin
c) Create a mysql database blogs , username root , password root (you can setup anything)
d) Go on phpmyadmin and import the database.sql file at the created database

The file include\dbcommon.php hat the settings


You have to set it up, depents of your php/mysql server.
(If you follow exaclty step A,B,C , D and mysql server is the same as Mysql then you dont have to change settings)

E) copy(Ftp) whole folder (c:\blogs) to your ftp server
F) You are ready!

There is a user:admin , password:admin  , so you can use that or you can register a new one on login page
Hope to find it usefull
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