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    Table of contents</p>


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<p>We have crafted Blogmer with Innovative ideas, unique  features and most importantly user friendly installation. <br />
Blogmer is an open source blog package developed on  codeigniter framework for incorporating blog feature in standard PHP based  websites. The package uses MySQL database for backend operations. It not only  comes with all the useful features but also easy to configure and install.<br />
Present package is primarily meant for individual, small and  medium size enterprises.    </p>

<p class="important"><strong>Important:</strong>&nbsp; This is <kbd>BETA </kbd> document for <kbd> BETA RELEASE</kbd>.</p>
<h1>Choose Blogmer if you looking for:<br />
  <li><strong>open source php based blog</strong></li>
  <li><strong>CodeIgniter based blog</strong>.</li>
  <li><strong>Search engine friendly URL's</strong>. Understand SEO more acurately.</li>
  <li><strong>Nice clean url</strong>.</li>
  <li>Supports lots of features such as
      <li>WYSIWYG Editor</li>
      <li>Theme support </li>
      <li>Instant Publishing </li>
      <li>Manage Contents</li>
      <li>New Template System</li>
      <li>User Comments</li>
      <li>lots more features ...</li>
  <li>Supports many blog permissions such as
      <li>BLOG Name</li>
      <li> BLOG Title        </li>
      <li>BLOG Maintained By</li>
      <li>Allow  guest to access blog </li>
      <li>Show Recent Comments Section       </li>
      <li>Show Recent Posts        Section       </li>
      <li>Show Calendar        </li>
      <li>Enable Comments        </li>
      <li>Enable Registration        </li>
      <li>Enable Guest Comment        </li>
      <li>Show Categories        Section       </li>
      <li>Show Archives        Section       </li>
      <li>and lots more permission...</li>
<h1>What's New in Version this release</h1>
<p>There are many big changes in this  release. More features , easy to manage code and many bugs are fixed.</p>
<p>Some attarctive changes are : </p>
  <li>New Template System</li>
  <li>Jquery Based Installer</li>
  <li>Well managed file system.</li>
<p>and also there are many small changes as well.</p>
<h1>What's most exciting this time</h1>
<p>Clear and precised documentation .<br />
  Easy to install and manage.<br />
  Plathora of themes with easy installation. <br />
  RSS and Feed support <br />
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<p><a href="http://speedovation.com">Speedovation</a> &nbsp;&middot;&nbsp; Copyright &#169; 2007-2008 &nbsp;&middot;&nbsp; <a href="http://speedovation.org/">Blogmer</a></p></div>

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