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/* Please see the README and LICENSE files. */

 * This is an example how the PHP for a specific page might look
 * This page shows how to start hte system

// Start the system

$mission_module = new Module(); 

// Run the command to get the current mission on the module
$mission_module->exe(new Module_Mission_Cmd_Get_CurrentVisibleTeamMission());

// Make a template file for what the result of the command was
$template_file = isset($mission_module[0]) ?
        "html/modules/mission/missions/current" :

// Make a tempalate parer (the hard way) See the next section for the easy demo
$parser = new Template_FileParser(new Template_File($template_file));
echo $parser->parse(NULL,$mission_module[0]);


// Print out the old visible missions

$mission_module->exe(new Module_Mission_Cmd_Get_PreviousVisibleTeamMissions());

foreach($mission_module as $model){
    echo(Template_Subsystem::parse_file("html/modules/mission/missions/archive", NULL, $model));
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