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<title>BKWorks Multi-User File Uploader - Most Common File Extensions</title>

<h3>BKWorks Products Help Center</h3>
In the Admin panel, you might notice a section titled &quot;Allowed File Extensions.&quot;.<br />
This section tells the program which extenions to allow (.doc = word documents, .ppt = powerpoint presentations, etc).<br /><br />
Below is the most common extensions that your users might need, and a list of <font color="red">dangerous extensions</font><br /><br />
<b>Office / School Work</b>
	<li>doc docx - Microsoft Word</li>
	<li>ppt pptx - Microsoft Powerpoint</li>
	<li>exl exlx - Microsoft Excel</li>
	<li>txt rtf - Plain / Rich Text Format</li>
<br />
<b>Pictures / Photographs</b>
	<li>jpg jpeg - JPEG Images (most common)</li>
	<li>png - Portable Network Graphic</li>
	<li>gif - Graphics Interchange Format</li>
	<li>tif tiff - Graphic</li>
	<li>bmp dib - Bitmap Images</li>
    <br  />
	<li>avi wmv mpg divx mov moov ogm qt rm - Video Files</li>
	<li>asf wma mp3 mp4 wav ram ogg acc - Sound Files</li>
	<li>swf flv - Flash / Shockwave Files</li>
<br />
<b>Web Design</b>
	<li>HTM HTML - Simple Web Pages</li>
	<li><font color="red">php php3 php4 php5 pl cgi - web scripts, use at your own risk.</font></li>
<br /><br />
<font color="#FF0000"><b>Dangerous File Extensions</b></font>
	<li>exe bat vbs- Windows Applications (<strong>may contain viruses - USE ONLY IF REQUIRED</strong>)</li>
	<li>zip gz rar - Archives (anything may be placed inside an archive).</li>
	<li>php php3 php4 php5 pl cgi - Web Scripts</li>
    <p><strong>JUST A REMINDER: </strong><br />
    Due to the nature of the Uploader, you do not need to worry about any scripts being started accidentally. </p>
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